It’s about Lui

He was seen, coupla months back, to have developed a very common side effect – so to speak – of feline diabetes: neuropathy in a hind leg (never in a fore-leg, only one at the back). It was his right, and he walked on it like a bear does – flat from the toes to the back of the heel:

whereas a cat normally walks on its toes:

See the diff. ? – and how strange it would be to see a cat walking with an entirely flat back foot ?

Anyway, it was awful; because that right back leg also trembled, and I would cry every time I saw that happening to my once large and fearsome (not really) mog.

But it eventually went away, the neuropathy ! I reckon I was more pleased about that than Lui was.


His diabetes is being managed, with only one interruption when a visit to my new vet resulted in a test’s saying he was in remission and I should radically lower the insulin dose … and the test results were somehow wrong, and he wasn’t in remission and going from 5 units m+n to 3 m+n took him right back to the beginning … Still, now he’s back on being stabbed m+n with 5, and almost back to how he was.


Something is wrong with his right FRONT foot. I shall show you a video, and you’ll see how very wrong it is. In my opinion, at the outset of this, it was as if he had neuropathy in a front foot ! – but it got worse, and now it’s clear that there’s definitely something wrong there. Only trouble is: I’ve taken him back to his vet two more times and on both occasions he has refused to limp and refused to hold his paw up. In other words, he behaves as if there’s nothing wrong with him.

After the second useless visit, Nev suggested I video him. Being a NOT-phone-lover, it hadn’t entered my head. Now I video the little bugger every day; and Nev is going to be bored shitless by having to look at every single one in order to check his progress. Basically, he IS a little better; and he now occasionally puts weight on it when walking. But he still licks the paw, and sits with it pathetically held up …

SHE, the cat’s mother (read: me) is hoping against hope that this, too, will f-f-f-f-fade away …

The very first record of the not walk; and a recent one below.


  1. Excellent videoing MR, though I did wonder in the second one whether he was ever going to stop eating!

    I do hope he continues to improve. (I love that he refused to limp for the vet. He has pride!)

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  2. Apparently this is common, Nev says, pets not evincing whatever signs are there when at the vets’. I rolled my eyes each time, and she laughed like anything. Lui LIKES her ! :)


    1. Agreed, indeed !
      You have no idea what it was like getting the little videos up – until WordPress Support caused me to remember that whereas I used to have 100mbps at my last place, I now have around 12. And as for upload speed – well, that’s about 2, So I compressed ’em and it only took 20 minutes. :(

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  3. I understand the concern. I worry so much when I see changes in our dog and always question when is a vet visit necessary and when not! We’ve taken her before for a limp or some small anomaly and spent too much money for tests that don’t necessarily really answer the questions, beyond ruling out something more serious. Let’s just hope Lui’s problem completely disappears!

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    1. That’s almost all I can do, Debra my lamb – just hope.
      I have no idea how the initial test at the new vet’s place went wrong: I don’t believe that it was changes in Lui himself. We had a different vet the second time, and we’re sticking with her because Lui likes her and she cuddles him and kisses him and that’s (of course) what he’s used to. :)
      And regarding the hope factor, maybe all the footage will help her; because right now she’s flummoxed.


  4. Well, M-R, I am late in seeing this and I sure hope by now poor little Lui is doing much better with his insulin and front paw. Please give him extra pets and scritches today from the crazy cat lady in Wisconsin. <3 ^-^ <3

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    1. It’s gonna be difficult, M-J, as he spends most of his life being petted and kissed on and clutched. But I’ll see what I can do. Back to Nev the vet tomorrow: more noos after that.

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