White Gum Wool

Oh, check out this glorious stuff !

I came across this site by following something or other. As you do.

And the totally sustainable wool thereon is SO beautiful that I have bought three large balls of fingering (as seen above) with which to make a lovely shawl as an entry for Geelong’s new competition – the one that used to be the Scarf Festival but is now much bigger and moneyed up ! I was fairly disappointed last year when my entry didn’t rate a mention: I’ll see if I still have a photo (brioche again, it is) …

I’ve JUST begun. I was ordered by the marvellous Nan, whose sheep station it is at White Gum Wool, to send her a photo of my practising brioche because I haven’t done any for yonks; and I had to apologise because it was such a small bit:


but I’m not even that far so far … erhm, not even as far advanced as that, so far. :)

Madly in love with this project. And there’s no point your screwing up your face and saying “Yes, but you were with your last one – and look what happened to that !”, because I gave you the very real reasons. Not one of which applies here. So there !


  1. What gorgeous, gorgeous wool – I love anything referencing “gum” of course, and I love green.

    The only brioche I know is the one you eat, but I don’t think you are talking about that? That triangle thing is pretty though.

    Anyhow, this festival sounds wonderful – I’d go if I were in the area, but I’m not likely to be, of course.

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  2. Me too ! (but not #MeToo, as I’ve clarified before). I’ve knitted enough now to take a shot of it, which I’ll do after having had my friend Janis chauffeur Lui’n’me to the vet and back. Oh, no I won’t: then we have to go to Geelong East for more insuiin. AND needle heads for the insulin pen. Jesus, but this is a costly thing, diabetes. My pharmacist doesn’t see the logic in giving me NDIS rates because Lui is my child, alas ! :D
    Anyway, ST, I’m going to post at some time today more about White Gum Wool and what I’m making. Stay posted,


  3. I love the description of the wool. I haven’t really done much knitting in the last few years, and only recently have started thinking that I might want to prioritize some projects before I forget how! I am going to see what I can source in “sustainable” wool. That appeals to me, M-R, but I’m certain that is a new concept for me. I hope you’ll continue to share your project as it develops!

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