It’s about Lui again

He had an appointment with Nev the vet this-morning, at which I was to show her the videos of his progress (or lack thereof).

The problem has been found: there is not yet a diagnosis.

Under the middle toe of his right foot there is (now ! – but never before) a fairly big, hard-ish swelling. He will no longer let Nev manipulate his right foot; and in fact he hissed at her when she did. So she stopped, and went looking; and there it was.

It’s likely to be a tumour. Has he been coughing lately ? – why, yes … a couple of times in the last week or so: why ? Because there is a form of lung cancer in cats that metastisises – or simply shows itself – in their digits. But there’s also a possibility that it’s a local tumour, in which case we will simply remove that toe.

He’s still there at the vets’, having X-rays of both his right front paw and of his lungs.

Nev will call me in a couple of hours to come and collect him.

Can we, meanwhile, all do as The Doctor’s followers did in that rather super ‘Martha Jones vs  The Master’ episode, and call out “Lui … Lui .. Lui …” ?


    1. No pic. That’s why. You expected one: what did I write ? Ah: I think a pic of the swelling ? At that point all I could do was tel Nev “It reminds me of the English cartoonists’ version of Boris Johnson.”


      1. Hmm, the post was displayed with a big empty box and a little question mark in the middle, before the text. That usually means there’s a failed pic? But sounds like not.


            1. Put it out of your mind, ST: I believe it was the previous theme – one that remembers every bloody thing you ever did. So I changed it, But thank-you very much for drawing my attention to, because I wouldn’t otherwise have known.

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    1. Nothing else at all ! He is to have a biopsy taken on Friday: our much-loved vet is coming in specially to do it. All fingers crossed, dear Debra.


    1. And she is VERY appreciative, M-J ! Right now it’s 5:35am, and he wants to know why I won’t feed him. :( I feel like the worst kind of monster. But all things must pass, I know …


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