Keeping busy

Lotta images to come.

First is the pattern I’m using, designed by a young woman who is 1,000 times more creative than am I:

Its name is Electric Love, and the creator is Samantha Guerin.

Samantha used two very similar yarns for the brioche part – see the light (main) side and the dark (contrast) side ? – and the lighter of the two colours for the middle section.

I’m using the Silver Wattle (light green) as the main and the Silver Tussock (green, white and pale blue) for the contrast. Also I have that lovely ‘natural’, which is almost cream, or the middle section. The green and the natural are two of the three colours in the contrast yarn; and only the pale blue stands alone.

Now follow three terrible photos.

That’s as much as I’ve done, showing the main colour. (Shut up !)

That’s me trying to open it up with one hand while operating the camera with the other, intended to show you how you can see the contrast through the main colour.

And that’s the contrast side. Imagine for yourself that the main colour can be seen between the ribbing; because I’m sure as hell not going to be able to show you.    :(

Oh, I nearly forgot: I need to let you see a simple line sketch of how this is made. Bear with me …

I should’ve taken that border off, dammit. Anyway; each scalene triangle is brioche, and the middle section is garter stitch, stocking stitch and lace. I wanted to show you this so that you’d understand why my brioche knitting is pointed at the end: now you know !

10 thoughts on “Keeping busy

  1. Yep, now I know but am none the wiser! Haha. Couldn’t resist that – I am a bit wiser, though I’m still not fully sure about what brioche is besides a lovely French bread/pastry thingy.

    Love the green. Love your industry. And love your simple line sketch.

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    1. ST, my lamb: brioche is knitting with two colours at once in such a way that one shows up as ‘rib’ on one side and the other on the other ! There now: what could possibly be clearer ? [grin]


    1. It scared the shit out of me, Hannah; but I bought a Craftsy course to learn, and another to make a shawl; and it was the second one that REALLY got through to me. But you need to have time on your side; and I suspect strongly that a good-looker in Glasgow with a Masters to finish cannot claim to have that. :)

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        1. Yoi have persuaded me, Hannah – today I shall post a nimage of my not-prize-winning entry into the final Geelong Scarf Festival. It will make you salivate to think that a klutz like me can do it, and give you great heart !

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