Last year’s non-winner

Brioche knitting – in my terms that’s 2-colour brioche knitting – about which I wrote in one of my Pages cannot be over-hyped. It’s simply glorious, and that’s that.

Its range is from, say, this:

to this:

and that’s just from one designer !

So, because I give every appearance of having finally come to terms with how to carry out this wonderful craft – not counting all the mistakes, but I also know how to repair them ! – I shall boldly go where no man has gone before display what I made last year.

That’s a kind of arty arrangement. Not.

The ticket identifying this article as having been made by moi is still attached. My problem is that I know nobody who barracks for the Hawks.

Anyone (read: Hannah) who’s genuinely interested in learning brioche should be encouraged by seeing that I have already done so. And if a lazy old woman who can’t maintain interest in most things, and whose levels of concentration are … well, not high ! is able to make this fairly simple scarf, bloody ANYONE can !

I have spoken.



  1. I’m really curious about it! I love the effect, and your “non-winner” is lovely, M-R! I really admire the final product. I’ve never heard the knitting term “brioche” but I’m sure interested in it now. It appears difficult, but I like the way you’ve encouraged us to give it a go. :-)

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    1. Dear Debra, I should have said again that I did buy an on-line Craftsy course that was totally effective: “Modern Brioche Lace” with Lesley Anne Robinson. She’s a good instructor, and they aren’t all !
      That was my way of learning. It was worth the money, in my opinion, because being able to knit 2-colour brioche is, like, EXCELLENT ! :)

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    1. Do read what I wrote to Debra’s comment, Hannah: it’s relevant ! (This is not a word generally associated with what comes out of my mouth: I always provided amusement at dinners when recounting anything, as everyone was betting how soon I’d go off-topic and eventually lose track entirely.)


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