The news is all bad

Nev wasn’t happy with last week’s attempt at a chest X-ray and had another done before performing the biopsy.

She was right: a large dark mass is there on a lung.

No point doing the biopsy: so he won’t have a much more sore paw – for a while, anyway.

The diagnosis is in and the prognosis is obvious.

As always, it’s just a matter of time: it was the same with Chic. And I must couple the two together: each one I have loved with all my heart and then some, regardless of one’s being my husband and lover and the other my cat.

It was Chic who made me understand (eventually) that I should get a cat after he’d gone.

Pain management from now on.

Lung cancer has taken and will take the two beings most deeply imprinted, late, on me.



    1. Thanks, Hannah. If you knew what he’s meant to me since Chic died … But there, I’ve always been a sucker for cats: bred into all us daughters, it was, by my difficult mother. You could read my book, she said subtlely …


  1. “Tis better to have loved, and loved, and loved, and loved, and really loved and lost and then lost again than never to have loved at all. A big hug from the north of England.

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  2. Heartbreaking news, M-R even if you suspected the worst. It must be a small comfort to know what to are dealing with so that Lui can have the best pain relief possible and you both can enjoy each other’s company for how ever long that might be. None of us know what the next day will bring. Life is so uncertain in that way, even if we expect it not to be.
    In time and if,or when, you are ready, Lui has paved the way for another soul to make a special home in your heart. Hugs my dear.

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    1. Yes – the right ajective, Amanda. Thank-you.
      You’re quite right, of course: no idea how long I might have him. That’s a good thought !


  3. Devastating! I’m SO very sorry, M-R. Pain management for you, too, with all the comfort you can give Lui and he return to you. Anyone who has lost a beloved pet knows this is trauma to the heart. Sending a long distance hug. I hope it reaches you across the miles. xx

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    1. I went to the window and opened it, and a little breath of sweet air came in, enveloping me. I know what it was, :)
      It isn’t as if you’ve had no grief in your life, my beautiful friend – and recently, And yes, because out beloved pets are part of our families, it is like losing a person …

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  4. M-R, there’s nothing I can say to make your heart stop hurting at this point, so I won’t even try. I know what Lui means to you and I know what it’s like to lose a furry best friend. It’s so damn hard.

    Sending love and hugs, and more love and hugs for you my friend. Give Lui all the extra love and attention you can give him and then a little bit more from me and the kids. <3 <3

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    1. Le tue parole dimostrano saggezza e amore.
      For we cat lovers it seems sometimes that they represent everything good. To lose that is so hard, as we all know.
      Grazie dal cuore, cara Maggie,

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