Yes: what would Nev do ?

As I believe the sun shines from her fundament, I needed to find this out. So, yesterday I took a taxi over there, and found to my delight that there wasn’t a single client+animal combo in sight. I had arrived with my Visa card to pay for the little memorial I’m having made to hold some of Lui’s ashes, and then Chic and he can be side by side.

There was a moment when the two girls who were manning the desk kind of looked at me in polite disbelief. This was when (yet another confession coming up) Bec told me the total amount due and I fell back, alarmed: “But”, I cried, “I didn’t want an individual cremation – just a bit of his ashes, you know ?” Then the look. Short pause. Bec went into the surgery area to speak to Nev, while Ella looked a bit embarrassed. The penny dropped. The revelation hit me: “Nothing of him could be obtained without an individual cremation !” An expression of intense relief came over Ella’s face, and at the same moment Bec came back with My Heroine.

Having repaired (to an extent) my reputation as a human being with a brain, I was then able to put my question to her: do I—“Yes !” she interrupted me: “you do. I know Lui is irreplaceable, but you must replace him !” – with which wondrous conundrum the decision was made.

There’s a totally admirable woman here in Geelong who has set up Project Meow, and a large effort of the project is run by participating vet practices. Ella’s best friend works at one of these, and she gave her a call right away; then came back to say that they actually have a 2-y-o available right now. Alas ! – it’s a female. I’ve had/known nothing but male cats all my life, and I’m used to them; but it was a conversation-continuer, that little mog. In the end the decision is that I am to obtain through this vet practice, a cat that is

  1. male
  2. a kitten or not older than 12 months
  3. a ginger tabby

If you are thinking “Oh, she believes she’ll simply have Lui 2.0”, you’re not absolutely correct. Remember WWND ? – Nev really likes marmalade tabbies (of whom at least 75% are male – did you know ?), and can see no reason at all why I shouldn’t continue the trend started more than 12½ years ago (Lui would have turned 13 in about three weeks’ time): “they’re almost always lovely cats, with great personalities and nice natures”. So that’s it.

There’s the little creature who brought me nothing but joy for all those years – over there in the side column …


    1. I would like to tell you that this decision has removed all grief, Maggie me love … but I am somewhat ambivalent about it. Still, cat-lovers like we have to go through grief throughout our lives; and it’s a matter of remembering that there will be more joy. How I should love to have a home like yours – PACKED with moggies !


  1. Ah what news! I adore the wisdom that comes from Nev’s fundament. Lui cannot be replaced no. But the marmelade cat-shaped void in your house can be filled somewhat, with a new purr and a shedding of hair like you wouldn’t believe. You’re looking for a youngster!? No rest in their buttocks, legs and paws that are too large for their brains, always on an adventure and if there’s no adventure he’ll invent one. Looking forward to your lamenting about the new guy and the praising of Lui in comparison.

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    1. Words from another cat-lover. I do know the nicest people. :)
      I had been thinking of getting an adult, Anna; but somehow the thought of my companion’s having lived with someone else during his character-formation is anxious-making (I can’t think of the adjective – fill in as required). I mean, Lui was neurotic, could get angry, could be loving … don’t we need our cats to reflect us ?

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  2. I think this is great news, M-R. Of course our loved pets are irreplaceable. We can’t just transfer our love and feelings for one living being, human or pet-variety, onto someone else and expect that the grief of loss is over and done with. But a new little friend is likely to help make the grief more bearable and he will be a companion for the next leg of life’s journey. We had a marmalade tabby for many years, Leo, and he was just the best. But our longest living cat, also male, lived to 21! He’s been gone a number of years and we still talk about him and remember him lovingly. We may forward, but I don’t think we really move “on” like so many people seem to think we should. Nev is a dear! xx

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    1. DEBRA ! – 21 ??? That must be some kind of record ! Seems like your household is pretty good in looking after its animals. :)
      I agree with all you say; I can’t be in an empty house, but I can’t just take in another small companion without continuing to miss Lui, who was so wonderful for so comparatively long. But I am obliged to do it. There’s room in this tough old heart for two, I guess.


  3. Brave you – soldiering on and looking ahead! Well done. That is the good thing about our hearts. They give us so much pain in terms of grief but our love or potential love for more creatures or people is unlimited. I hope your next tabby will find you soon. Pets have a way of doing that.

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  4. I had a ginger tom once. His name was Spike. He was definitely a sweet boy! I never had a female either until I brought home Ziva. She’s a bit of a diva and not a lap cat, so I’m glad Mr. Gibbs is also Mr. LoveyDovey.

    I’m glad you are on the way to adopting once again. Lui would want you to have snuggles and friendship in his absence. I anxiously await the day you bring a furry friend home.

    Love the photos of Lui in the side bar. He laid on the couch much like Gibbs…on his back, legs up, with no shame!

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    1. Seems to’ve been his favourite position, M-J, when trawling through photos. Oh, except for sleeping between my fat knees on the recliner chair … He was the best cat companion I’ve ever had, and I’ve had plenty.

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      1. Be sure to take your time and not jump in too quickly. Gibbs picked me, made himself at home across my shoulders, and I knew instantly he was going home with me. I hope that happens for you.

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        1. Gosh ! – you mean that GLORIOUS cat was a rescue cat ? Good grief, M-J ! Gibbs must be one of the best-looking cats I’ve ever seen.


                1. I actually long for him. But as yet have no idea where he’s fostered out; and if it’s, say, on the other side of Melbourne, I can’t have him. Keep your fingers crossed for me, dear M-J.


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