Back to almost normal ! :)

I have four photos for you: the first two taken out at the ever-so-pretty house in which Kaye and Scott live with their … ahh … tribe of animals.

They have three dogs of their own and a cat – a long-haired tortie; and for the last while this number has been augmented by five foster cats: Annie (the only female), Tabby, Scotty, Giorgio and Wobbles.

You see what I mean !

You should SEE how these moggies are looked after ! If I could believe that all the cat fosterers in the country looked after their charges as well as this, I would be a very contented old fart. I need scarcely add that Kaye and Scott’s own animals are … hmm … doted on ? Spoiled ? Members of the family ? All of those.   :)

My very kind and generous-with-her-time-and-car friend J was able to sit on the floor à la Japanese as does Kaye whenever she’s in their room (the toys ! – the tunnels ! – the rugs she’s made for each ! – the stick-on window platforms and the climber towers !), but I can’t do that because there weren’t two large men to heave me back onto my feet. We spent an hour and a quarter in there with them all while I dithered and became anxious about various aspects of future cat-care. And then I decided: the youngest and the most feisty, as well as he who’d been there the least time, is “Wobbles”.

Is he good-looking or is he good-looking ? How would YOU like to be held onto by a huge old broad, right up there off the floor, eh ?

So J drove us home, after Kaye insisted that I take some of the food he’s used to eating, in case he needs the continuity for a while. Oh – plus a blanket she’d made for him, and a toy tail on a stick. Kaye was in fact distressed at being parted from him, horrible woman that she is; but happy that the poor little bugger is going to be clutched and kissed and loved on for the rest of his days.

So. We got here and I carried him inside. He leaped out of his carrier and went instantly into EXPLORE ! mode. He walked everywhere within the unit, not fazed by anything; and during this Excellent Adventure he went into the  bathroom and used the kitty-litter and came out again, as if he’d been here for a week ! Then he sat in the sun for a bit by the door out into the side yard:

and then, having discovered the thrill of the bottom of the vertical blinds in my front window and played there for a short while, he decided it was time for a nap. So he jumped up on the couch, briefly inspected the soft cat-couch sitting on one end of it, and opted for my tunisian entrelac throw:

But as of 15′ ago, he has been curled up and sound asleep ! And I can’t get another shot because (1) I’d wake him if I got nearer, and (2) I can’t shoot across the big band of light coming in from the side door.

There will be Other Occasions. [grin]

And this I hope very much indeed will not cause Kaye any unhappiness, but I am changing his name. It is now Cam.

Two linked reasons:

  1. my very favourite author of all times is Peter Temple, who wrote the totally sublime Jack Irish books from which the dreadful TV series was made;
  2. my very favourite actor for now is Aaron Pedersen, who played the character of Cameron Delray in all the Jack Irish books. And he was known as ? – yes, Cam.

Cam has already stolen a chunk of my heart. I wonder how long it will take before the rest is gone ?


  1. Oh Cam how blessed you are to now be dear Margarets precious baby. It was such a pleasure to have you both in our home and meet all our fur babies. Things didn’t go as initially planned but im a true believer everything happens for a reason. Little Wobbles now known as Cam you are one lucky cat!! xx

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    1. ‘Tis I wot is lucky ! – this adorable little creature has simply made himself at home. What more could a still-grieving old woman want, I ask yer ?! XO


  2. Hello and Welcome to Cam. Much more apt name than Wobbles. It would be almost so Un PC for an older lady to call out Wobbles each day. They might think you were passing comment about the elderly neighbour! Cam is very cute, and that is saying something, as I am NOT a cat person, due to allergies. This cat has really landed on its feet.

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  3. so handsome! Look how handsome! sitting there all neat in the sunlight.

    And then on the throw, love it! It’s his. With that ease and natural selfexplanatoriness (oh come on, totally a word, everybody understands what I mean.)

    Well, clearly you have a cat now.
    Or rather, Cam has a home and you two are roomies! With ease and natural selfecplantoriness.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Personally, I believe that everyone should be allowed to create whatever words portray things best. L’ho detto.
      He slept on me after 2am, but don’t tell anyone, OK, Anna ?

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  4. Welcome to Cam who in true cat fashion has chosen M-R to take care of him. The fact that he had a look around his new home and then went to sleep is a sign of a well adjusted cat who is comfortable in his new job.
    Something I learned here in Thailand, of all places, about Siamese cats. They have ghost markings which can be faintly seen on their tails mainly. They are only two generations away from tabby which is the native breed of cats. He looks very clean well groomed and quite strong health wise so i hope you both will enjoy each others company for a long time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks heaps, Gaz me old china. I could use a bit of your specific skill because Cam has a teeny little voice and a teeny little purr. As he doesn’t have any balls, I am HOPING this will change. [grin]


  5. True love at first sight! I am thrilled for you, and Cam couldn’t have a more loving environment. Kaye and Scott are truly amazing, generous people. and Cam has had a wonderful home but by sheer numbers needed to share the attention. He is going to thrive in your wonderful home. Look at him already! I’m smiling a great big smile. :-)

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  6. M-R, I’m so happy for you that Cam the moggie is in your life and has settled in so easily. He’s beautiful! And he’s going to give you many reasons to laugh at his young cat antics and have your heart warmed by his cuddles. Congratulations!

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  7. Trying to catch up in a brief moment of quiet. So Cam eh? Except cow I know it isn’t, what we’re you thinking. Doesn’t look like a Cam at all.

    Did you say how old he is? Anyhow, I’m thrilled to bits for you.

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