So, this-morning, I’m …

… sitting in my recliner chair with my laptop on my lap (strangely), and Someone decides it’s HIS laptop:

Dunno how long he would’ve sat there, but  I feared what keys were being pressed under his furry little (_|_).  And I was right:

for although it was easy to shut down all the windows he’d opened and get out of aeroplane mode, I found I could no longer type and had to re-start the PC. Ah, life with A Very Young Cat !    :)

Then he simply got onto my lap (sans laptop) and looked at me. So I picked him up in my arms, and after about two seconds’ stiffening, he relaxed completely, curled up and went to sleep. I sat there holding him for 1½ hours !, during which time he did change position, but only to burrow his little face into the crook of my right elbow.

Gosh, life’s tough with A Very Young Cat.    :)

Eventually I woke him up, telling him that I was hungry; and we both had some breakfast. He managed to leap from the laptop

onto the dining-room table and sniffed at my toasted pita with butter and marmalade, wanting of course !) to lick the butter off; but I selfishly didn’t let him. Pfuh !

So it was obviously time to play:

and now we’re both exhausted. Sort of.

How can a wee moggy be so GAME ?


  1. My goodness he looks like hes lived there his whole life. Ive never been able to peek into a foster kittens new world before and Margaret i so love it. It just makes me so darn happy!!

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    1. Everyone is amazed at his reaction to leaving the fold and being a single kitty, Debra – let alone his total coolness ! Am I lucky, or am I lucky ?! :)

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  2. Ha! Typical cat antics (let me sit on whatever has your attention over me) and typical cat mom response (I’ll just sit here quietly while my entire body goes to sleep because I dare not wake the cat). He already has you trained and it appears you have no issues with that.

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  3. M-R, you’re back! Or at least, I’m just discovering your return. And with a very handsome new kitty. How old is he? I have a new fur baby too, 6.5 months old. We must have our felines, mustn’t we?

    Oh yes, ’tis I, PiedType. Good to find you again.

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    1. My mad mate ! Imagine that ! [grin]
      I am older. Almost too old to even imagine. Sighh …
      He will be one year old on November 18th, and his fosterer reckons he won’t grow much bigger than he is now. That’ll be fun ! :)


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