I am embarrassed

If I had instant access to emojis I would add that one here. Imagine it, OK ?

I have given the small creature the wrong name.

How could I ?!

Well, I did.


Line drawn under.

Now for the new name !

Australia’s marsupials are, by and large, extremely appealing animals; and the bettong is definitely amongst ’em.

So my new small friend and companion –

– who is NOT spoiled already, has, with our entry into Eastern Daylight Saving Time, become Mr B. Bettong. Or, if you prefer, B. Bettong, Esq., NFP. *

However, seeing as how we never use our moggies’ formal names, he is forever to be known as


and don’t you forget it !

(Don’t you just love it ?!)


* Neatly Folded Paws


    1. I dreamed we were having a conversation, each using her own version, H: it went on or ages, and I don’t think we ever sorted it. :D


    1. Until I can have Nev clip his teeny claws (which are like needles), he doesn’t get to enhance anything ! He’s a furniture-destroyer, is Boodie: pays little attention to the big scratching post provided. Oh, the problems of cat-mothers, eh, Anna ? :)


      1. it’s today’s youth I tell you, no respect for people’s property. Especially cat teenagers!😤

        just your luck, he will probably grow up to be a hipster 🙄 growing a beard, grooming all day, only wanting artisanal kibble, arguing tartan fabric with you all day.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. ACK ! – i never considered that loathesome possibility !
          Obviously I shall have to do everything I can to prevent its coming to pass.
          Any helpful clues ?


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