Oh AAAaarghh !

I was turning my knitting over when something – gave. WTF ?! I turned it back to find, to my utter horror, that a magic knot had just magically unknotted – ‘way down the project. What could I do ?!

As a temporary measure I quickly made an ordinary knot and prevented myself from bursting into tears of rage. It was, of course, my own fault: I must have been careless in making the magic knot so that it wasn’t over on one side and under on the other.

And then ? – what else ?: a huge frogging had to ensue.

Once the ghastly deed had been done I didn’t feel so bad about it. Odd, that: I still had to re-knit tons, so you’d think I’d be ropable …

Anyway, I’m now back to where I was – after all this time. And probably the carefuller (yes, I like it !) for it.



    1. And I’ll bet they haven’t, Hannah ! :)
      Problem for me is that this damned shawl is meant to be in a competition; so I’m obliged to do me utmost, eh ?
      Sighh …
      Just took in that you were using alpaca ! As I need to frog at least something with everything I knit, alpaca or any hairy kinda yarn is a definite no-no for me.
      However, she said forgivingly, I do understand that there are people who never have to frog anything. And I hate yous all !

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  1. You salvaged a damaging result! Good for you. I loved it when I was a child and my grandmother fixed all of my knitting mistakes and returned the items to me ready for me to continue. She spoiled me! :-)


      1. Oh yes – I forgot: you did one or two short-ish cuts there. But after all, you built a bloody COTTAGE, almost ! Don’t know too many birds who could do that.


  2. It’s funny how when you make an error like that you are devastated, and it really throws you emotionally, but once you decide to just knuckle down and do what has to be done rather than stew, you feel perfectly OK, even if you have to spend a lot of time redoing what you’d already done. We are weird creatures I think.

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