A bit of progress !

So. I’ve put another plant in The Front Bit:

It’s a gazania (top left) that hasn’t flowered since first I planted it as a teeny seedling in my very first Geelong rental. It turned out to have flowers of the most gorgeous dark bronze colour – none of which has been seen since I put it in a pot to take with me. I am hoping it will be so happy to feel the real earth again that it will say thanks with many blooms. Dream on, M.R.

The roses planted by Denuta are in their prime right now:

and I am betting that they haven’t had such a showing for many years. S’s pruning was the secret !

I told you I couldn’t take a shot that wouldn’t look like this. Sighh …

From the centre left: a grevillea, a dampiera, a … umm … I forget, at the back a bigger grevillea with different coloured blossoms, in front of it a eutaxia, to the right of that a prostanthera and behind another one the name of which has gone from what I laughingly call my mind. And I cleverly managed to frame out on the right a Silver Cloud. World’s Best Photographer strikes again !

I’m not too fussed about being so forgetful right now; because this garden isn’t worth looking at. In the future – I hope in the autumn – the little things will have grown and be worthy of at least a glance, and I shall know them all.

Besides, there are several gaps to be filled. S and I couldn’t decide how many plants I should buy; and it wasn’t possible to know until these were planted out. I MUST have a smallish callistemon (between the two left-hand poles, only one of which can be almost seen), as well as an Acacia aspera or Rough Wattle – native to NSW and Victoria and growing only to 2m max.


  1. Gardens are so exciting but demand patience of which I could do with more. Still, good things come to those who wait so I’m sure you will be rewarded. I agree re a callistemon – and they do tend to be hardy. Of all the natives we have or hav grown, I think they are the hardiest, closely followed by some banksias and grevillieas. I haven’t had much success with prostantheras but with you luck!

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    1. Thanks, Sue me love ! I wanted a white boronia; but friends here said the same as you re the prostantheras. :( Everything has to be fairly small; but I want a really crowded garden (in the very long run).


      1. Oh yes, Boronia too … I’ve had even less success with them, so I agree with them there. I like a crowded garden – less space for weeds for a start – but Mr Gums is less keen so we juggle and experiment!

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  2. My experience with gazanias is that they love heat and although drought tolerant, flourish a bit with regular watering. I feed mine once in a while, too. I think they’re a happy little flowering plant. I’m enjoying your garden progress, M-R. I think you’re doing great! :-)

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    1. I agree 100% re gazanias, Debra ! And they’re awfully hardy; so I’m hoping that (provided the blackbirds don’t dig them out) this little-y will come good.
      I take it you are still at a distance from the conflagrations ? – I always worry a bit.


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