1. I’ve never been involved at all with them, but I love them anyway.
      These Shire horses are, I learn, an endangered species ! :(


    1. Of course there are examples of it all over the world (including the Shire Horse Society of Australia); but it seems the gene pool must be too small now for continued breeding. That’s the only reason I can think of for its being endangered …
      Australia also has a Paint Horse Association ! – and very lovely that breed is, Steve …


        1. Well that’s nice !
          But I thought you’d found a place to hang them in the sun ?
          Never mind: if they’re looking good, that’s all that matters. :)


    1. Well, you know, Debra – I don’t really mean ‘aimlessly’. One starts looking for something, and then is distracted by something similar in the side-bar; and so it goes.
      It’s the Chinese Whispers of browsing.


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