A short(ish) thought

and probably far from original.

I was occupied in de-tangling a ball of wool and wondering if it had already hit 39C, as forecast, when it occurred to me that I wasn’t looking forward to summer.

Instantly a song popped into my head: Steve Lawrence, I think it was, singing in his already adult years a hit song for the then teens – “Can’t Wait for Summer”. Dunno when it was, but either late ’50s or early ’60s.

The lyrics, e.g.:

Can’t wait for summer to run around in shorts;

Can’t wait for summer to play on tennis courts


Can’t wait for summer to throw away my books;

Can’t wait for summer to sort my fishing hooks

and I could only think of how utterly irrelevant these activities are to today’s teens.

Sad, ain’t it ?


    1. And what’s said is true, Steve.
      The young want nothing but their smartphones.
      I’m glad I shan’t be around to see the next step: I don’t want to be so technologically inept !


  1. I can’t wait for summer – I fell guilty saying that because of the fires but I really hate cold weather. (And my Melbourne has a lot of dreary weather – our last three visits have all been mostly grey, cloudy with occasional drizzle, btw. Not impressed!) Seriously though, as a Queenslander, i’ve decided I’m a bit of a lizard and feel so much happier when it’s warm and sunny (even when it’s uncomfortably hot!)

    PS Never heard that song, but!!

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  2. Well, I think they still wear shorts.

    And I was going to say they’d take just as much joy in throwing away books until I remembered I have a VCE student so there will be no throwing away of books this summer. Unless it’s across the room in frustration.

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      1. Why wouldn’t they look forward to summer when it means the end of school and no study for 6 weeks? Sleeping in, chilling out. Pretty sure Middle Son is looking forward to not cooking meals…

        I never went fishing.


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