Problems with colour pairing

Two-colour brioche: why is it so bloody hard to pick two colours that work together ?

It seems so easy when you start off with your great pattern and your two colours of whatever yarn you’ve chosen … They look so good together in your knitting basket – can’t fail to be terrific.

But they do.

The reverse side is just – wrong.

Why on the front does the green vertical row sit proud and the violet row provide merely background; and on the reverse the green is competing with the foreground violet ?

Or why does the front look just as you hoped but the reverse looks simply muddy ?

Here the front gold stands out as vertical rib; but it also stands out on the reverse, in almost the same way !

Beautiful. But only the front. On the reverse the pattern is close – crowded, even. This effect is commonly seen, where the back of the pattern appears to be somehow more tightly knitted !

Rather puzzingly, that effect is not seen here: this is good ! I attribute the difference between this screen-grab and the previous one to the fact that this one’s colours could scarcely be more opposed; whereas the one above uses two shades of the same colour.

I am now on a mission to find some kind of equation that will result in a pairing of any two colours that will work perfectly together to result in brioche that doesn’t fight against what it’s meant to look like.

As I understand it, that is. As far as I have learned, two-colour brioche knitting should be reversible but for the colours being swapped.


(None of these is mine: I screen-grabbed them all from the Web in my wish to at least partly indicate what is so frustrating me.)




      1. Yes, it’s all becoming completely confusing isn’t it. I really don’t know what to think any more. The trouble is that men have got away with so much for so long, that no-one knows any more what the boundaries are, or can assess how those boundaries may have changed. Any yet, there are many women who have lived with pain, if not trauma, for decades. Where are the lines?

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  1. I must be a little off center but I like the color combinations even in reverse. Perhaps you’re going to invent some new technique as a result of your questions!

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  2. You flatter me, beautiful Debra !
    But on that topic, there’s a bloke called Nathan Taylor (aka The Sockmatician) who really HAS developed a whole new brioche method. He’s a mathematician, you see (hence the soubriquet); and only a person with that kind of brain could DO that !

    It’ll boggle your mind, a bit. :)


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