A bit of mischief

Well, here we have it !

First sighting of an actually identifiable hand in this whole long, miserable time.

And now it can be seen for what it is, all that stuff about his hands: it’s the fingers !

They’re out of proportion, see ? – far too short for the size of the palm.

So now we know.


4 thoughts on “A bit of mischief

  1. Please keep dishing it, M-R. This guy is such an incredible embarrassment. I hope I live long enough to see him get his just desserts. I am so upset with him (notice I don’t use his name–EVER) but I do get an occasional smile when the international community calls him on his nonsense. Seriously, though, we are in big trouble “over here.” I just hope that friends around the world know that the majority of Americans are appalled. Sorry for using your space to unburden myself. I’m in such a state. I have lost perspective. LOL!

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    1. DO NOT BE SORRY, my beautiful friend. If my half-arsed blog can provide you with a single skerrick of pleasure in the unburdening, I feel vindicated ! There now ! :D
      Yes, I think we all know that. Personally, I follow CNN’s and MSNBC’s news anchors to keep up (in hopes of a headline saying ‘HE’S GONE !’ or the like); and read Politico or Slate or Vox for words. I think that Mosy and I – who swap the really ghastly bits – are as knowledgeable as are many Americans. Vent all you like! XO


  2. Mind you, the foreshortening effect could still mean that the hand itself is tiny. Which would make the fingers almost baby-sized. The sort of hands whose owners often have a pair of mittens joined by a piece of cord running up and down the sleeves of his coat to keep them warm on the way home from infant school.

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