Climate change for deniers

I suppose I shouldn’t grump that this video comes from Facebook: most people who use Facebook do so because it doesn’t involve pecuniary outlay (but it certainly isn’t ‘free’).

But this Greenpeace video is good. Whether or not it has the slightest effect on the wilfully deaf and blind pollies is another thing.

I remember fulminating wildly against Tony Abbott and his bloody collection of morons when I was first blogging: Scott Morrison and his band of beasts are actually worse, inasmuch as they are as clever as a wagonload of monkeys. Cunning as sewer rats.

How in the name of all the gods we ever managed to vote these fuckers in is beyond me. Except that it’s not, really: it was sheer greed. GREED.

Still feel the same way.


  1. Ok I will – say it I mean! Haha!

    Actually I love what you say about Morrison – “clever as a wagonload of monkeys”. Love it. Have just watched The Drum and it is all so infuriating. You feel so darned helpless in the face of such bald-faced double-speak, and refusal to listen to or fact facts. One of the panelists on The Drum tonight commented how Australia no longer cares about our reputation or how we are seen on the world stage, and dated that back to about 20 years ago, which made sense to me because I remember in the early 90s still feeling pretty positive about us, but it’s been a downhill slide since then. So sad, so embarrassing.

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    1. It all began with Little Johnny.
      Now we have an (_¤_) who is, without question, modelling himself on the man who is destroying the entire American system of government. Morrison has already started on his own path of destruction of ours.
      In both cases the destroyer has not the faintest idea of any good thing with which to replace it. All he wants is to be king of the world.

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  2. We’re in the process of voting in a proven liar and self-serving ****hole. Our own, homegrown British danger to every value we have spent centuries accumulating. Oh, sorry. Yes, greed. I forgot about greed. It explains a great deal.

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  3. I am right there with you in outrage, M-R. If I told you what I really think about the politicians and the “climate denial club” they belong to, you’d have to block me. So let’s just say you said it well here. And I’m with you!

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    1. Tryiing to imagine someone who looks like you being blocked. Total lack of success. [grin]
      But I like where you’re coming from.


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