As always, there’s a problem :\

Yes, I realize it looks like an infant’s garment: that’s because the sleeves aren’t there. And that‘s because I haven’t made ’em yet.

You can see the problem, yes ? – I appear to  be incapable of crocheting a straight line. Even in the so-far-last 5 or 6 rows, in which I assiduously counted all stitches, it doesn’t line up !

I may have to top meself. (I wonder how many times I’ve said that ?)

If someone would inform me WHY my edges wander all over the place, I would be very happy indeed. The trouble is that crocheting a garment is always going to mean a whole shitload of stitches – especially with top down, of course – that, it seems, need to be constantly counted. At least, they do with me.

Any hints from anyone who can crochet without needing to count, 24/7 ? Please ?



    1. You are nice, Hannah ! – thanks a lot.
      I’ve frogged it, and am started upon a novel venture (mostly all ventures in C&K are, for me) with the yarn. I shall post about it when there’s sumpn to show. You will be either amazed or amused. Maybe both.

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