FO from a few weeks ago

A VERY big cardigan ..

This was the WIP I posted about before. I am somewhat embarrassed to put photos of it in my post, as I clearly remember raving about the yarn colour/s.


Well, I’m always ready to admit to my mistakes.

Meant to show the ‘cabling’ better, but another fail !

I’m sort of pleased with it, inasmuch as it’s an FO .. and I intend to wear it out in the cold weather, in spite of my friend S who reckons it’s for inside only.   [grin]

And btw, it’s meant to be that long !

See ?

19 thoughts on “FO from a few weeks ago

  1. Well,I, personally, really like the colours, they blend together really well, and I think the length is great. if you’re worried about it growing when you sit down, just pull it up, so you’re not sitting on it. Very well done,and now I’m tempted to make one. Love cuddly cardis.

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    • That is MOST KIND, Charlotte (?) ! – and much appreciated. :)
      I have a problem with multi-coloured yarns: there are so many I absolutely love when they’re in a ball, but when knitted or crocheted I fall out of love instantly. Sighh .. Still, it pleases me that you can say all that !
      I have been doing exactly as you recommend re the length, btw – but owe that precaution to S’ remark ! [grin]


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