Here I go again ..

.. and I hear no trumpets blowing, even though my coming across a (to me) new and impressive knitting stitch is very exciting !

(It’s actually a stitch that’s very probably been around since knitting began !)

Pleasing. Monocolour. Large needles and medium weight wool.

Horrible. Monocolour. Needles far too big and totally unsuitable yarn.

To die for. This kind of extremely short colour-change wool is perfect, with small needle size.

None of them is mine. Here’s all I’ve done so far:

The usual quality of photo (what else ?) with edge lighting confusing the image. Sport weight pure wool, 3.25 needles. Coming along well ..

Does that help ? Probably not. Sighh ..

ANYWAY. Linen stitch is exactly like material, from which fact comes its name. It isn’t reversible, meaning that the back is different: looks like an incredibly neat moss stitch.

Lots of pros and 2 cons:

  1. My sample is 20 rows ! – imagine the time it would take to knit a long scarf ..
  2. The stitch requires (from me, at least) concentration: it’s easy to suddenly fall out of sync.

But I’d never done it before, and now I have.




11 thoughts on “Here I go again ..

  1. Great stitch! It looks very much like crochet linen stitch which is my favourite for dish clothes and towels. Need to add it to my “stitches to learn” list. Actually, I need to create this list first!

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  2. Hello up there in Ireland, land of my fathers ! :) Are you two doing OK, Kat ? Every now and then I worry about you, because you are a self-confessed anxious person ..
    The crochet ‘linen’ stitch has so many aliases, though; and to my mind can’t produce such .. ahh .. spaceless (!) material (if you get my drift).
    It is almost as simple as the crochet one, though; but as I’ve said, you can easily find yourself slipping when you should be knitting or purling, if you don’t watch out !
    Keep smiling, or coinnigh miongháire, as Dr Google tells me to say,


    • A most pertinent question, Hannah ! I’m adding a few rows every now and then, to see if I can ever turn it into a scarf. Basically, I think an entire scarf made of linen stitch would be superb, and I do have the (frogged) yarn. But as to whether or not I have the staying power – or the years ! – we shall just have to see. :D

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