This made me laugh like an idiot (shut up !)

I do like all the Covid-19 memes and jokes and spoofs that are going about: they often make me laugh – A Very Good Thing, eh ?

But this one ! – it was meant for a crochet site, so mine will have to do:

I laugh every time I look at it !   :D

And here’s another one, that’s just nice:

Whaddya reckon, eh ?   :)

P.S.: you probably need this – I did !

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17 thoughts on “This made me laugh like an idiot (shut up !)”

  1. Love the first one. The second one is something I was talking to Mr Gums about today. What will happen on that day, in that first week or so. Will we rush out into the streets, or will we warily and anxiously do so. Really interesting times, if we survive them.

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  2. C’mon, Sue ! – OF COURSE we’ll survive them. There is nothing to panic about for those who behave sensibly and do as instructed. And if you think I’m being idiotically light-hearted, it isn’t that: it’s refusing to be dragged down into an abyss of woe and misery. I will not, and that’s that.
    There: I have spoken.

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        1. Jesus. Then nothing has changed since the mid-’80s ! People like that were one of the reasons we left The Island ..
          All I can say is that they will run out of puff at some stage.

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  3. We TP’d the quadrangle at school on the last day of Year 12. It’s been around a while. (We also dragged all the furniture out of the staffroom, set it up in the quad and then filled the staffroom with balloons. :) )

    The COVID-19 memes and songs are getting me through this crisis.

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  4. I spent my entire 12 years of schooling at a ladies’ convent school (as must be obvious !), so TPing was never within my ken. You was lucky, dear H, to have such fun. I do hope the staff LOVED their roomful of balloons – they certainly should’ve done. :D

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  5. Thanks for explaining TPing, for i had no idea. I couldn’t bear to waste TP like that, even before now. On a side night, I’m pretty sure we used to go through 2 rolls in about 3 days but now 1 lasts for ages. I’m the one who cut back, of course! I was watching one of Chris Mann’s funny song spoofs yesterday (from crispina’s blog) and then went on to another of his, a take on Adele’s ‘Hello’. The poignancy made me cry.

    I adore that crochet photo – I reckon my dear Aunt Joan’s house could end up like that!

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    1. Nor I ! But I’m ever so grateful for a tally of your household’s t.p. use .. [grin]
      Yeah, that is so often the problem with crochet: if you make STUFF rather than clothes – well ..

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