Boodie on the wander

Looks like a little angel. Is actually a very small monster .. Well, OK, not that bad; but he was making my life a misery with wanting to escape. And then he found out how. Did my best to prevent it, but couldn’t block up the escape route. For a while I was intending to spend a painful amount of money on having a professional bit of cat-fencing-in done (which would’ve brought his cost, so far, to over $2,000, what with the vet fees); but before that came about, the solution did !

After yet another escape, I simply gave up. I opened the front door and went about whatever I was doing at the time. Boodie was back in an hour or two; rushed about excitedly and went out again. Came back in half an hour. Repeated the activity, and returned in about ten minutes. From then on I didn’t bother about anything: I knew that there was nothing to bother about.

Last night for the first time he went out into the dark before I’d gone to bed. I decided not to panic when he didn’t return for half an hour, and shut everything down, including myself; but I left my bedside light on.

At some stage he leaped onto my stomach from the ground – fairly likely to wake me up – and settled down to sleep. At some other stage he went out again. When he woke me up this-morning, the dent in the duvet told me he’d been asleep there for a good long while.

Made my teeny adorable cat happy. Stopped myself from being driven mad. Saved almost $700.

Yes, I do know cats are not meant to be outside at night for fear of their eating the local wildlife; but there isn’t any around here – except one very large goanna, which would in all likelihood eat Boodie in any confrontation – but he is not a confrontational moggy – and this is a very singular environment. I like it so much, here at MACS; and now I like it even more.

11 thoughts on “Boodie on the wander

    • He thanks you for those words, and certainly I do too, Kat ! Now that he is free to go about this super place the two of us live in (a totally independent unit within the grounds of an aged care service), one would imagine he’s about as safe as he could be .. but one never knows, as Prince Charles has been heard to say .. [grin] Big hug from Downunder.

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  1. Sorry to be a grizzle guts, but you should check out if your council imposes fines for Boodie if he is caught outside during their declared ‘sunset to sunrise’ curfew. He’s probably shitting in someone’s garden and they could complain. Could end up costing you a lot lot more than a fence. Besides, someone might steal him. He’s a lovely looking cat.

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    I don’t live in a suburb, CJ: I live in one of 8 independent units within the fairly large grounds of an aged care facility: the photo in that link shows only the units, but if you google MACS North Geelong you’ll get an idea of the bigger environment. I am genuinely appreciative of your concern, though ! :)

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      • I cannot say that, in truth, CJ. But he is not going to wander over metres and metres of parking space, I believe. He wants to play in amongst all the gardens, basically – hiding behind bushes and leaping out at unsuspecting cabbage moths (which he doesn’t catch). :)

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