Me not being a quitter (for once)

I thought a fair bit about my dissatisfaction with the knitted entrelac ..

Not happy, Jan !* I told myself.

So, using a new ball to prove that any images were not merely continuations of the now frogged first attempt, I started over.

This is THE BACK, people ! (Hope it’s meant to look like this ..)

THIS is the front ..

You can see that it is definitely not the same piece of knitting as previously shown, yes ?

I had just begun to feel smug about managing to do so much better the 2nd time when my day was made and smugness cemented in by L&M’s dropping by with a bunch of flowers from their sensational garden (which they know I miss more than I can say). It’s a sort of cross between a wilderness garden and a cottage garden; and when – in normal times – I’m at their place, I mostly sit on their back patio and gaze upon it ..

See what I mean ..?


*This is an Aussie thing: it became a kind of meme back in the day (which means I can’t remember when); and most Aussies of my ilk remember it

14 thoughts on “Me not being a quitter (for once)

  1. you’re a genius M-R attempting this pattern again. did you use the same wool ie undid the fabulous first attempt.
    Oh the flowers are beautiful – have you grown any colour in your garden,
    I just purchased a beautiful deep red geranium from Bunnings – it looked great in my very green
    back garden. The next day I saw that the red was missing – those fucking possums had eaten all the flowers. Now am on a definite mission to stop this happening – I purchased a GUN.

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    • “Oh you cain’t get a man with a gun !” – but you might get a possum, Goanna me love. What kind of shot are you ? Gonna use dumdums ? [grin]


  2. I agree, Amanda: it seemed to me to be by far the nicest of the colourways available. I find it interesting how many colours go with purple !


  3. Was Not happy Jan from Graham Kennedy? I feel it may have been but wouldn’t die in a ditch over it.

    The knitting looks great, and I love the colours. You are right about purple. It’s far more versatile than I used to think. And, it’s a colour I’ve always liked.

    And, that flower arrangement? My, that’s gorgeous.

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    • Nono – not that far back. It was a commercial (in the days when I could watch them) that ended with a woman leaning out her window and saying that to another, departing woman. My guess is the ’80s.
      I shall pass on your compliments to L, who was undoubtedly the arranger. But oh, Sue, if you could only see their garden ..
      Thanks for the compliments. All grist to my mill. :D

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