So you want to set up a YouTube crochet channel ..

Not I ! – and I doubt I’ve ever responded negatively to such a thought as vigorously as I did when coming across this pattern:

Gosh, this is pretty ..

It is a glorious thing indeed !

It is called “Spring Fling Garden Blanket or Throw“, and was created and made by a young Canadian woman living in London whose name is Debi. Her website is Dearest Debi and on YouTube she’s DebiDearest, with over 59 thousand followers. She looks like an adolescent, but is the mother of a couple of children. And she is, as you can see from the image, a very creative crochet designer.

Just imagine how exhausting it must be, developing a pattern like that, and of that size .. The mind boggles. Well, mine does.

And then she has to actually produce one, right ? – probably a few for her own satisfaction before she hands it over to her testers.

But that’s far from the end of it ! Because then she has to make another one, in segments, for her crochet-along videos !  There are no less than 8 videos covering all of the 108 rounds, and they show every round with nothing left out: CALs or KALs must do this or they can’t be considered useful (or usable !). So there a crochet YouTuber must go again, making it yet another time but in close-up segments, editing repeated bits to prevent the video’s being hours long, and talking over it as she goes.

Jesus. Not for me. Not that I am ever going to be sufficiently talented as to design anything.

Honestly: can it be worth it ? I might ask Debi.

Wondering if it’d be a bit risky asking her about weaving in all the ends ..    [grin]

5 thoughts on “So you want to set up a YouTube crochet channel ..

  1. It is glorious! A labour of love, surely. Else, why bother. Not for me, either. Looks like the sort of thing I’d start and not finish. You know, I went looking at wool a couple of times, especially after that scarfy thing, but managed to talk myself back from the precipice. LOL.


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