No, I haven’t !

I have NOT put a blue rinse through my hair.

My new gravatar looks very much like a grumpy old broad who has dipped her head in a basin of grumpy-old-lady blue dye.

Bugger !

It is merely grey, folks. There is still some dark stuff around the back; but basically I’m just – grey.

NOT blue.

Thinks: what if I had it whitened ..? Like Goanna’s – which looks great !

[thoughtful look ..]

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15 thoughts on “No, I haven’t !”

            1. I have spent my life being teased – starting with my sisters, progressing through most of the people I knew and on to my husband. He was THE WORST teaser in the world. :D

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            1. Ho ! – you think I am here to keep you entertained ?
              …… . .. …. …… ….
              Oh yes, so I am.
              But not quite SO entertained.


  1. It’s a great colour so don’t even think about going pink :-) I was lucky to go
    grey after deciding not to put colour onto my hair every 3 weeks to stop the
    ‘white landing strip” look. Took a while – plus a great raccoon look – but it was worth the time as the cost of hair colouring professionally is an enormous amount of money. Plus when you go grey it works with one’s skin tone – pretty horrid when one keeps the colour they had in their 20’s but unfortunately the wrinkled skin reveals you’re not 20 anymore :-(

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    1. NOT 20 ??? – what on earth do you mean, you foolish person ?! I’m not yet out of my teens !
      This was said once as reference to my level of intelligence .. [grin]
      You always look good, darlin Goanna !


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