Even here ..!

Oz is as bad as the US when it comes to morons who choose to believe conspiracy theories –

and who claim that Covid-19 is some kind of Trump-type “hoax”. Look at them, the mindless cretins ! – determined to increase the spread as much as they can.

To call them “anti-lockdown protestors” is an online newspaper being as charitable as possible: personally, “half-witted IDIOTS” is as polite as I can be about ’em.

Fight for your freedom ??? – rather, Fight for your right to spread disease.

8 thoughts on “Even here ..!

  1. It seems like this pandemic is bringing out the stupid in people. And the selfish. Some things are hard to believe, even when I try to explain it to myself that they are just scared/ worried/ don’t really know how to act…

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  2. I reckon there were more onlookers, and police, at this event than actual protesters, which is why we got some funny photo angles in the news, trying to pretend it was bigger than it was. If a bottle hadn’t been thrown, or a policeman punched, then there would’ve been nothing to report, at all.

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