My latest craze ..

.. is mosaic crochet.

I now know that there are two distinct ways of doing this, both of which achieve— not exactly the same end: they both show the same pattern, but one is spikier and has little blobs of colour at each end; and the other is smoother and doesn’t.

In fact they’re done differently. Not enormously differently (can one use two adverbs in conjunction ??), but sufficiently differently (seems one can ..) to cause me great confusion when trying the other having started out on one.

That is, I believe, 11 rows. There are 24 in one repeat of the pattern, so you will understand that it’s only an indication. I’ve chosen to do four repeats horizontally – 195 chain cast-on. I mean to do four repeats vertically, too, so that it will be some kind of square. I say “some kind” as I don’t yet know how equal are the row and column heights ..

Tinna, the woman whose pattern this is, says on her videos that mosaic crochet is really addictive. She is entirely correct. It’s hard for me to stop doing it and move to any one of the several chores that await me; but of course that could  be because I am a lazy slob. [grin]

If you think mosaic crochet looks interesting and you decide to consult Dr Google as to how to get stuck in to it, remember the two different kinds ! Tinna’s is, to me, by far the easiest; and I reckon it looks the best, too. But you may find that Marly Bird or Martin Up North or Tatsiana (from whom Martin learned) use a method more appealing to you.

Just remember that I did warn you – via Tinna – of its addictive entrapment, yes ?


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