For cat-lovers

This is a straight steal by me: far from new, and probably watched a zillion times. But as I’ve been a cat-lover all my life, and this video made me laugh so loudly that Boodie got out of bed to come and see what was going down, I thought that maybe there’s a person (or two) out there who, like me, has missed this ..

Cats showing their people what they think of bad singing, basically.

They do it so much better than I ever could !

It’s about 10 minutes long; but no-one’s holding a gun to yore li’l haid ..


11 thoughts on “For cat-lovers

    • Aren’t they funny about music ? – well, owner-generated music, and in the case of these people, I should say “owner-generated ‘music'”. So yours don’t even like the sound of the ukelele ? I believe some scientist should oversee a PhD thesis on this ! :D

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  1. Gosh, I don’t know how I escaped maiming while playing guitar (badly) and trying to sing ‘How much is that dog in the window?’ and ‘Tom Dooley’ – it’s a wonder I wasn’t massacred by our cats. Or my kids. LOL.

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