Hand sanitiser: are you a fan ?

Here’s a video of interest. It should actually be viewed by everyone.

It came as a great surprise to me when it arrived in an email from my serial emailer mate R, over in Perth (my home town).

Tell me if you have trouble with the audio – not that I can do anything about it, but I want to know if I’m having trouble with my sound card (do we still have sound cards ?) !

11 thoughts on “Hand sanitiser: are you a fan ?

  1. So, as long as I don’t light my hands after using it, I should be ok?

    I keep it in my car so I can use it after I go food shopping. Of course, mine comes from the local distillery. How upscale! Mostly because you can’t find it in the stores any more. Thanks, hoarders!

    Do you mind if I share a link to your video? Or would you prefer it link to this blog page?

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    • No, darlin – go ahead. I don’t see my blog as central to anything ! And the more widely this bloke’s helpful input is shared, the better. :)


  2. Nope, I avoid hand sanitiser like the plague (though I had to use it when Mum was in hospital). It plays havoc with my eczema. An epidemiologist told Mr Gums that rubbing your dry hands thoroughly damages viruses, but you do have to rub all parts of your hands. And, as someone said the other day how often do we sanitise or rub the tips of our fingers? Do we make sure they are cleaned when we wash/sanitise our hands? And yet, which part of our hands touch most things?


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