Ahimè !

A couple of weeks ago I did something that astounded me – I joined the ranks of the twitterati. BUT ! – it is for the sole purpose of keeping up-to-date with the wonderful antics of Sarah Cooper – I do not tweet and I follow no-one but Sarah. And there is a side effect that’s useful: the online newspaper I subscribe to, The Guardian Australia, and also the ABC’s news site, often reproduce tweets in news articles; and being a member enables me to instantly see the whole thread.

Today I’d been reading something in The Guardian that had caused me to go to a Twitter link, and that led me off to something else, and so on; and then I found this:

Struth ! – Chic’s favourite building in the world, with a small sinkhole (voragine – isn’t it a fantastic onomatopoeia ?) in the ground outside !

Following this up led me to the story in The Smithsonian’s site, with the full story linked to the photo below:

Roma la bellissima, the city my husband loved most of all in our several European journeys, is apparently sinking all over the place. Only when there are cavities below, reporters write ! – that means bloody EVERYWHERE !!

What is going to happen to this fabulous (in the true sense of the word) city ?! Will restorers do the kind of thing they’ve done at Pompeii ? – spero di no ma credo di sì …

Ahimè .. Alas !

16 thoughts on “Ahimè !

    • Couldn’t agree more, Maggie. :)
      I put a Twitter icon on my menu bar that takes me to Home there; and all that comes up is stuff posted by or about Sarah. Eventually I will lose interest, knowing me; but for the time being it’s fun.

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  1. I have coincidentally stopped using Twitter although my posts still syndicate there- is thar the right word? The Guardian is a good source of independent info.
    Shame about the sinkholes.
    Have you finished the knitting thing?

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  2. I guess Rome was nice! But, I fell more for Florence … at least that’s my memory, but reading just the other day (because my Mum kept them) some letters I wrote back home during out first (and only) trip there, it seems I enjoyed Rome more than I have remembered in retrospect. Ah, memory! What a fickle thing it is.


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