I shall be blocking !!

Here is a cardigan I am in the process of making for my friend S, who wanted one done in stocking stitch – aka ‘stockinette’.

She chose the pattern (Berroco) and also the colour of the yarn: I had to point her in the direction of Bendigo Woollen Mills’ “Luxury 10 ply” as the only locally available yarn that could replace the Berroco “Tuscany Tweed” (hope I remembered that right).

It has to be rigorously blocked, of course; so I’ve told S she must come over tomorrow and help squeeze. And as I have no blocking materials, she’s bringing over an old blanket and some pins – the special nickel-plated ones I ordered from Spotlight have bloody gone missing somewhere. In the post, I mean. Bugger it !

And once it’s all been blocked, I have to assemble it and then knit the button band. No rest for the wicked ..

4 thoughts on “I shall be blocking !!

  1. I don’t usually need pins for blocking a sweater. Just a nice long soak, squeeze out as much water as you can, then roll it in a towel and walk on it! Repeat the towel roll in a different direction, one more walk. Then lay it out to schematic measurements.

    I’m giving a lecture on blocking next week for VogueKnittingLive. I’ve given it before in person, in Columbus Ohio and New York City. This time…Zoom webinar. I really need to go read through all my notes again!

    Enjoy your blocking, and time with your friend.

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    • MICHELE !!! – I can’t believe it ! Guess what I had delivered to my door TODAY ??? Yesssss ! – an adorable little envelope saying ‘”NON-MACHINABLE LETTER” in stern tones. [grin] Because inside was not only a packet or adorable little glass bead knitting place-markers, but a Very Special one – a PDX one ! NOW it all makes sense ! Portland’s airport call-sign as represented by its carpet design ! You are one crazy person. [grin]
      I shall drop you an email, lucky you !

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    • Thanks, Kat ! – and I’m glad you like my Tunisian entrelac thingy: I made it to throw over the TV when I wasn’t watching it .. and then I stopped watching it entirely and gave it to a friend, so the thingy is put to a variety of uses. :)
      I attempt to knit the button band today ! – fingers crossed ..

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