Crikey – another FO ! (smirk)

Here’s a photo S took of herself the moment she’d sewn on the buttons she bought for the cardigan I knitted for her:

I do not for a moment criticise her selfie: I’m unable to produce a selfie that doesn’t look as if I was falling over at the time.

The buttons are all identical: it’s just that the bottom two aren’t in the same fill-light that the top ones are ..

I am never going to knit in stocking stitch again. I have spoken.

19 thoughts on “Crikey – another FO ! (smirk)

    • That means a lot to me, Michele – thanks from the heart ! Btw: you did note my info about having finally received your Minerva gift ?: it made me very happy. :)
      So your two Love Notes are to be worn by you and your significant other ? (what a vile phrase that is: so .. limited !


  1. He’s not as world-beatingly beautiful as Gibbs; but he is totally loved. Never had a cat with such personality ! He comes for walks with me, dashing ahead and looking back till I catch up .. If I didn’t have Boodie, I think I might have just faded away.

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  2. Hereitcomes

    22/06/2020 10.30 a.m. Paris
    Excellent cardigan, and a credit to the waistline in Sarah’s selfie. The ideal stylewise, and buttons too. Sympathy for the arthritic thumbs …

    Have you ever had a cat you reared to be a wild boy like this one? Another credit, plus for all the hugs and kisses you are receiving online. Best of luck for the haircut like the one you had when you married Chic.

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    • I can tell you now, Joce, that I am totally thrilled with the haircut. Having told me that my hair has changed its quality and is now kind of woolly (undeniable), she proceeded to achieve miracles. I HAVE SHORT HAIR AGAIN, HALLELUJAH !! XO


    • I have just found this note of last … June! Thank you. Also for the (I presume) studio photo. DIdn’t know I was so beautiful. How is your little charmer going?


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