I am becoming ill with jealous rage !

Tonight I was watching a crocheting lady on YouChoob rabbiting on about her new “dreambox”. I mean like on and on and ON ..

Foolishly I decided to find out what a dreambox is.

How I wish I hadn’t !

Go here and look ..

Unless I win PowerBall or the Lottery (for neither of which I have ever bought a ticket) I shall not be able to afford one of these extraordinary and fascinating and WONDERFUL things. But come to think of it, I couldn’t even were I to suddenly come into a fortune: they’re made in the US, and sold there and in Canada and in the UK (for Europe). I have calculated that were I to persuade them to ship me the version I wanted, I’d be up for something like – oh, AUD8K.

[M.R. swoons away]

15 thoughts on “I am becoming ill with jealous rage !

  1. They are amazing! But it is actually terryfying to know that I’d feel all that space in no time and most likely son would need more space again… I’m a helpless case!

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    1. My worry would be keeping it tidy ! I reckon I could have it looking like a rats’ nest in a month. But I’d still give my back teeth to have one. Sighh ..

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            1. Have you been following the polls ? I know, I know: they were false last time. This time is different: there are 0 unknowns ! I’m reading twitter and being made happy. George Conway, The Lincoln Project, RVAT, etc. are doing it for me. Jake Tapper too. :)

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    1. That would’ve had to be my late and totally beloved husband, CJ: no-one comes near him for inventiveness and skill. My current handyman is good, but charges $55 p.h.

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    1. Absolument ! I have no idea why things like this appeal to me so strongly, Sue .. Maybe my hind-brain sees this as a way of never having to tidy up again ? [grin]


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