I am becoming ill with jealous rage !

Tonight I was watching a crocheting lady on YouChoob rabbiting on about her new “dreambox”. I mean like on and on and ON ..

Foolishly I decided to find out what a dreambox is.

How I wish I hadn’t !

Go here and look ..

Unless I win PowerBall or the Lottery (for neither of which I have ever bought a ticket) I shall not be able to afford one of these extraordinary and fascinating and WONDERFUL things. But come to think of it, I couldn’t even were I to suddenly come into a fortune: they’re made in the US, and sold there and in Canada and in the UK (for Europe). I have calculated that were I to persuade them to ship me the version I wanted, I’d be up for something like – oh, AUD8K.

[M.R. swoons away]

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15 thoughts on “I am becoming ill with jealous rage !”

  1. They are amazing! But it is actually terryfying to know that I’d feel all that space in no time and most likely son would need more space again… I’m a helpless case!

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    1. My worry would be keeping it tidy ! I reckon I could have it looking like a rats’ nest in a month. But I’d still give my back teeth to have one. Sighh ..

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            1. Have you been following the polls ? I know, I know: they were false last time. This time is different: there are 0 unknowns ! I’m reading twitter and being made happy. George Conway, The Lincoln Project, RVAT, etc. are doing it for me. Jake Tapper too. :)

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    1. That would’ve had to be my late and totally beloved husband, CJ: no-one comes near him for inventiveness and skill. My current handyman is good, but charges $55 p.h.

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    1. Absolument ! I have no idea why things like this appeal to me so strongly, Sue .. Maybe my hind-brain sees this as a way of never having to tidy up again ? [grin]


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