Quick peek because of my new Tunisian stitch

Here is less than three weeks of my temperature blanket.

I mean in future only to post a photo at the end of each month; but I simply have to show you this because I haven’t found this variation on Tunisian crochet anywhere on the Web.

150 sts wide: the white will be between each month. This is the front.

Zoomed in on the front.

This is the back; and I haven’t yet decided which of the two I prefer !

I offer a small prize to s/he who can find this stitch on the Web.

Far as I’m concerned, its name is Funnycomb Stitch. Tunisian crocheters will realize that it’s the alternative to Honeycomb Stitch.  [grin]

5 thoughts on “Quick peek because of my new Tunisian stitch

    • But answer came there none ..
      OK, then: in Tunisian, honeycomb stitch is done by crocheting the first row with Tunisian Simple Stitch then Tunisian Purl Stitch, and doing that to the end of the row. The next row off-sets those by having you do TPS then TSS, thus creating the only know Tunisian stitch that doesn’t curl. And this is because the TSS stretches the yarn behind the stitch and the TPS pulls it back, equalling the tug on the yarn.
      My Funnycomb pattern is done by NOT offsetting the two, and simply doing TSS/TPS underneath each other; so it, too, equates the ‘push’ and the ‘pull’.
      Get it ?


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