OK: time to reveal the reverse gussets ..

You may/may not recall my whingeing how no pattern fits me on account of my distinct pear-shape, yes ? (or no ?) – in this post ..

So I finally got ’round to it and finished off my version of the Fiber Spider’s double-hexagon pattern for a granny-stitch cardi, complete with said reverse gussets. These, I think you won’t have difficulty in believing, are NOT in his pattern !

Here you can view the gussets in all their weird glory:

(Well, you try crocheting short rows !)

I’m considering trying to get hold of those little double grab thingies to attach: yes or no ?

And I fear my total lack of photographic ability is once more at the fore with the photo hereunder:

I have NO IDEA how to take a selfie with my phone. Yesyes, I know you can see that for yourselves: shut up !

The cardi actually goes the whole way ’round my (_|_) and could be done up, had it any buttons (or little double grab thingies). Wonders will never cease !


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17 thoughts on “OK: time to reveal the reverse gussets ..”

  1. My wonderfully clever friend, you are too kind. XO !
    I believe if I can just find the manual for the phone, I might be able to delay the shutter a bit – which oughta help. :D
    P.S. I see Vogue Knitting thinks as highly of you ass you deserve; for there you are again in August. Complimenti bella !


      1. Good lord, no I haven’t got anywhere near those. Still on my quest to make some frogs for “Three Speckled Frogs” school resources that I’ve been trying to do since, oh I don’t know, some time last century? Feels like it…

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    1. Yay, me ! :D I like that, Marilyn – thank-you !
      But they really do need to be clipped together; and the only shop in this burg that stocks things like that is not on any bus route. How dickheaded of them.
      Ah well, maybe I can crochet something(s) instead.

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  2. My StarTrack driver (a company contracted by Australia Post) is so familiar with coming to my place that he reckons he’s worn his own track. It’s just that I kind of feel the need to match ’em against the cardi. You know: hold them over those little bumps .. But mebbe yer right ..


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