One-twelfth of a project

Last night I was able – thanks to BOM’s always showing each day’s lowest temperature before the day has ended – to finalise July as the first month of my temperature blanket. I planned it in Excel for two reasons:

    1. there IS one calculation column within it;  and
    2. it’s much quicker to tabulate input and move it around in Excel than it is in Word.

I have wasted literally hours trying to solve the problem of linking to an Excel spreadsheet that one has uploaded to one’s Media Library. Every time it appears to be fine until clicking on the link; and then one is told the file is corrupted. So, after a whole big lot of swearing and grinding my teeth, I can only insert part of the Excel page as a screengrab:

I had decided I’d use

    • Winter solstice = lowest temp.s
    • Spring equinox = mean temp.s
    • Summer solstice = highest temp.s
    • Autumn equinox = mean temp.s

but I was wrong. If you check the sole calculated column within the document – and here I’m hoping you can see it, in all its truncated glory – that are the mean temp.s, and observe the colours each day’s entry produces, you’ll see how extremely boring they are. I mean, two colours only – Alaska Sky and Periwinkle – with a single day of Cobalt (off the bottom) ! No way will I risk that lack of differentiation in my “blanket” !  So it’s going to be the first two low and the second two high. More colours !   :)

Now to take a couple of terrible photos. Wait one ..

As big a wide shot as I know how to produce ..


Wee bit closer – not so’s you’d notice.   :}


Not exactly a close shot .. mebbe a mid-shot.


And here, folded over, is my dilemma: I really like the back ! If only it weren’t for all the knots ..

So the completed .. thing will be 12 times that large. I’m going to have to stop deleting posts older that six months.   :\

Regarding my mention of (ACK !) knots .. At the beginning of this project, I must have tried about ten different stitches, each time determined that THIS WILL BE THE ONE ! For at least nine different reasons, I changed my mind. Hence knots. At least they’re invisible knots ! (Should you check that link, first mute your machine then go to about 1’28” to get to the useful stuff.)

There will be another 11 posts like this one.

I fervently hope ..

2 thoughts on “One-twelfth of a project

  1. Just think how much you are learning about numbers, and averages, and temperatures, and colour charts, as well as knitting, while doing this project. I’m impressed.

    Why on earth do you delete old posts. The archivist in my cries for all the last blogs and blog posts of yours. (One day you’ll be sorry, you mark my words! Haha)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sheer idiocy is the only answer I can provide, alas. It was because I believe no-one ever reads ‘back issues’; and then I realized that I’d got rid of all the stuff about my garden.


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