5 thoughts on “Bill Maher isn’t a cute bloke; but ..

  1. He’s courageous to say that… and he’s right. Though I doubt he’s going to be widely appreciated for that.
    He might not be cute, but ever since watching his “Religulous” I’ve been a fan ;)

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    1. He has an acid tongue, which is why his appeal isn’t more widespread, I think. A lot of people consider him “self-satisfied” or “critical of everyone”; but I, too, am a fan, Kat. One can see WHY he’s so critical !

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  2. Whoever writes his segments is a genius. So grateful to you for bringing it to my attention. It needs to be widely shared! (No pun intended!)

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  3. Only Maher would dare to say anything even faintly negative about Fauci, imnsho. But the fact is that the entire medical fraternity Рin terms of those who can reach The People Рis mute on obesity with regard to Covid-19. H̩las !, eh, Patrick ? This sure hit home with me. :(


    1. I wish I could click LIKE on your reply (because I’m lazy), but find I can’t, I’m afraid. To be able to do that, WordPress is asking me to jump through half a dozen hoops for which I need to remember passwords I’ve long forgotten. From now on, just assume I like and approve of everything you write, ok?

      Changing the subject COMPLETELY (sorry!): I would love to read your thoughts (perhaps in a short post here on your blog) about what you think of some of the new rules contained in the 2020 “Australian Style Manual”. See here: https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2020/aug/01/out-of-control-australia-has-a-new-style-manual-but-not-everyone-is-happy

      Grosses bises,

      – PJ


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