Another FO – amazing !

This one comes thanks to a KAL by Michele Lee Bernstein: it’s her Minerva entrelac scarf or cowl. I’ve been making Tunisian crochet entrelac for a looong time; but have been attracted by the 3D aspect of the knitted version many times. I posted about starting this, and then it went into hibernation. (How I wish I could !)

I have made it as a present for my eldest sister, who lives in Paris (some may even recall the complete stuff-up I created when last trying to post her a knitted thingy: I put her address as no. 6 instead of no. 7, and all hell broke loose. It eventually turned up back here, months later !); and this time it will be addressed correctly. How it will get posted I know not: we’re back under stage 3 restrictions, which include not going anywhere unless it’s absolutely necessary ..

With the overhead light off you can tell what kind of day it is Downunder

There now ! she said, standing back admiringly ..

I truly and honestly do not comprehend the hype about Noro Silk Garden. It’s wound infuriatingly (huge swathes fall off the ball if you move it the wrong way); it’s not soft on the hands; it doesn’t respond to having an invisible knot tied (in order to match colours) .. What’s its secret for being permanently up there in the top however many ???

Oh, never mind; as long as it looks OK. I think my sister will like this colourway.   :)

10 thoughts on “Another FO – amazing !

  1. Found your photos at last, M-R ! This is ABSolutely beautiful – don’t you dare send it to no 6 when the post starts working again. You can make it long if there is still any wool left, as it is clearly heavy enough to hang straight and look lovely, and if it is wet, muddy and generally bad weather for scarves it looks as though it will let me zoom it around my neck to get the ends out of the snow and giant hailstones (yes they had some in the SOUTH OF FRANCE just lately). No chance of that though for a while yet. Love your furniture setting too. XX J

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    • Have you tried clicking on the ‘button’ on the right-hand side that says FOLLOW ?
      If you click on that and enter your iCloud email address, you’ll be hot to trot to make comments at will. Well, after your ‘first’ one, that I must approve. And after THAT there should be no problem. :)


  2. Who is Cat Bordhi, and is he Hindu? Why and where is he being lost? Is there a reward? Am I asking the wrong questions? Is he perhaps a Prime Minister? or even a #Metoo?

    I have a solution for the postal delay. May I invite you to wear my scarf at times of need or celebration? Or for the photos, which will be great for your new hair. No dropping stitches or tying knots (forbidden, you tell me). This should make for a Spring in your step (pun intended).

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  3. The photo is of Cat – a name short for Catherine. There isn’t anything even remotely funny or light about her imminent dying. She has been a most delightful person. You will have to get used to following the links in my posts – they are the words or phrases lightly underlined.
    So is it anything like you imagined, the scarf ? :)


  4. Your Minerva scarf looks fabulous! I’m so glad you knit it. I understand about the Noro; it’s all about the color. Not particularly soft. But we forgive it a lot of sins because it looks good. Do you remember the Saturday Night Live Fernando’s Hideaway skit that included the line, “I would rather look good than feel good?” Yeah, that. Here’s a tiny clip:

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  5. THANK-YOU, my clever friend ! – I am too. :)
    Billy Crystal has always been a master of one-liners – ‘specially idiotic ones, eh ? – wicked clip ! [grin]
    I accept your justification: who knows if it ain’t you ?!


  6. Does your sister read your blog? Will she see this before she gets it? Whatever, it’s really beautiful.

    BTW Oh, yes, I remember the trauma of that last post to your sister! The less said about that now the better, though, me thinks. 🤣

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  7. It is she who write that comment up there – the first one. I sent her the link because I wanted her to know I really have finished it, even though she won’t be getting it for a fairly long time, Sue.
    Thank-you for liking it ! :)


  8. It is beautiful!
    I have love/hate relationship with Noro, I love the colours, and I actually like the thick/thin spin on these yarns. And even all this stuff floating around when I knit with Noro, like some random dried ferns and other plants, I think it has a charm (though I can see why not everyone likes it…). But the yarn also doesn’t seem too sturdy, and I always worry about the durability of the knitted items. On the other hand, maybe I should stop worrying seeing how the entrelac cushion I made has survived several years already, without any damage even from cat claws (my cats sleep on everything in the house, and this pillow is one of their favourite sleeping spots)!

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  9. Aha ! – there’s a thought, Kat ! Boodie might easily be the same; so I shall make .. something for him.
    Thanks very much for the idea. :D


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