About my personal passion ..

.. which is to see the current ‘President’ voted out of office.

Now that Biden has chosen Kamala Harris as his running mate, it’s a President:Vice-President ticket that shows every sign of succeeding.

But I say that at the same time as the ‘President’ and his enablers are actively reducing the power of the US Postal Service to collect and deliver mail – specifically in order to deny mail-in voting. Yes, it’s true: the arsehole popped in a new chief there who is a donor to the Republicans, and is also an investor in a plurality of companies that are in direct competition with the USPS. Together with Trump’s bald-faced lies about the failure of the USPS over decades – it being the sole company for which in 2006 Dubya signed into law a requirement that it pre-fund health benefits for its employees (alive and not yet born !) for the next 75 years, so that it hasn’t been able to claw back the US$6B taken !!!!!, it’s not frightfully surprising that it’s languished somewhat ..

But I want to emphasize that the ‘President’ is a criminal lying  bastard who thinks nothing at all of trying to wipe out one of the ways by which he can be defeated. And when he is, he’s going to foment another civil war.

Oh, and btw: I’m well aware that Biden is not the answer from heaven. But when you reflect that he will do his utmost to stop the rapidly increasing destruction of the Constitution and Government in the US, you can’t honestly hope that he doesn’t win.

22 thoughts on “About my personal passion ..

  1. You sure can’t. Did you hear Jonathan Swan saying that he believes it’s less that Trump wants to be President for another year, but simply that he doesn’t want to LOSE or be humiliated. This is the product of an America’s over-focus on WINNING. When we were there – our second trip – from 1990 to 1993, the school PTA was so focused on approving everything you did. It was part of that whole self-esteem movement but part of a sense, I think, of reacting against this idea that if you don’t win you lose and that that’s a fate worse than death. T is the epitome of this attitude.

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  2. I did. Oh, I am having fun on Twitter, Sue: I follow all the oldies who are voting for Biden, and plenty of the young ones, too. The tweeting is only on the one topic, and I make replies to many. One reply I made got something like 19 likes ! – and it was just me agreeing in an M.R. kind of way with a tweeting person. :)
    Jonathan’s wonderful interview has given rise to hilarious memes: “Which of these expressions do you agree most with ?”, followed by a selection of still frames of his face as tRump raves on chaotically.
    I agree absolutely with your opinions there: the self-esteem thing went feral. And it can be seen how many have suffered as a result.

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  3. Like most people, I hope this nightmare ends soon. The problem is with the huge amount of deplorables (;-)) still present in the American electorate. For example, I cannot believe 41% of Americans today still think he’s doing a good job! 41%!! That’s a HUGE amount of wilfully ignorant, self-deluded people! Way too many!! My fear is this mass of ignorant yokels will fall for similar crooks and snake-oil salesmen in the future, but of an even more dangerous kind: cleverer, more cunning operators, like Steve Bannon.

    Have you checked out The Lincoln Project’s youtube channel? Brilliant ads by anti-Trump Republicans who want decency to return to government and to their party.



    • Oh yes: TLP, originated by Conway, and RVAT, and all the groups sprung from Republicans’ determination to be rid of Trump forever, at ANY cost, I follow happily on Twitter ! Never thought I would ever be a tweeter; but it’s my daily ritual to read such bile and have a big smile on my face, Patrick !


  4. Check these out:

    And remembering that the Lincoln Project represents *Republicans*, how amazing is this one?:


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