While I’ve been waiting for more yarn for my t.b. ..

I came across some lovely stuff I had bought because I liked the look of it. But it was $16 a skein, so I bought only 2 skeins and used my lovely Stanwood things to wind ’em into balls. And then I rissoled the bits of paper left over; so I have NO IDEA what this stuff is – other than that it’s cotton, and thinner – or maybe more tightly woven ? – than normal, 4-ply cotton. Its colourway is an absolute knockout !!

Listening to yet a another crime novel I did nothing more than single crochet it into a scarf, and I was RAPT in it. I put it down the back of the green chair when I finished it last night, ready for photographing (I use the word loosely) in the morning. When I remembered it ..

someone else had decided there was a better use for the scarf.

Had some toast and 40% less salt Vegemite, and generally faffed about for a good long time; but Boodie didn’t get off, no sir ! So ..

here’s front shot showing the over-all effect of the colourway; and here

is a closeup of it, showing how effective ordinary single crochet can be. And how about those straight sides, eh ?!    :D

Not sure at all why the yarn appeals so much: I’m not a purple person (dunno if I’ve ever heard a Prince song !). But I just love it.

Will add it to the Minerva scarf for my sister.

8 thoughts on “While I’ve been waiting for more yarn for my t.b. ..

  1. In the flesh, the myriad other colours are more pronounced, I promise.
    But purple is definitely predominant.
    I still think it’s a gorgeous colourway. :)


  2. You oughta know, Michele – you have double the help ! :D
    That’s a lovely thought, and an accurate one: I’ve never come across this kind of colourway before, and to describe it as ‘watercolouring’ is SPOT ON ! I say that’s clever !!


    • That is true, he does ! There are FOs that he has ignored, even though temptingly laid out on the table or something. The cardigan I knitted for my friend S, for instance, might have been an item of my imagination ! :)

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