Geelong Winter in Ultra Pima

Stringer and I used to like to be able to tell each other:


and this stood for

Haven’t you heard ? – it’s all been changed !!!

It was a favourite exchange when we were away on location together, as script pages in varying colours were being issued each evening, together with revised shooting schedules. Oh, we were an intolerant pair .. [grin]

Today I utter this unpronounceable “acronym” with regard to my temperature blanket. And when I say “all”, you’d better believe it.

    1. It’s not going to be a blanket; and I think it’s going to be a kind of modern art wall hanging, once mounted
    2. It’s being crocheted in sc*; and I’m happy to say that it looks wonderfully even and pretty damned impressive she said ever so modestly
    3. It no longer begins on 1st July but on 1st June: this is so that I can make four groups of the three months of each season (that the BoM agrees really should start on the 1st of the relevant month, not the 21st, Downunder). I’m thinking something of this nature:

So anyone who has the faintest memory of my last posting on this topic will understand that I had to frog everything I’d done – the whole of July – and start again. Strangely enough, that kind of thing doesn’t worry me !

There you go: Winter in Geelong consisted of four colours – with a fifth appearing just the once, when our lowest minimum fell below zero ! (see if you can pick it) – and they are, from coldest to least cold, Delphinium, Cobalt, Periwinkle and Alaska Sky .. a sort of lilac, dark blue, blue and pale blue.

If you look at it sideways –

you get an idea of how the four seasons might look, placed as my ‘sketch’ above.

Oh yes: I begin with plain white, and use it also to separate the months.

Any comments ?


*a stitch called, simply, ‘single crochet’

11 thoughts on “Geelong Winter in Ultra Pima

  1. But wouldja believe, the second row this month is green ?
    It’s because I’m using the MEAN temp.s for Spring, whereas those Winter colours were the lowest ones.
    Then I’ll use the highest ones for Summer, and back to Mean for Autumn ! :D


  2. If I say 100 chain, will you hold it against me ? [grin]
    Hang on a tick …
    about 58.5cm. I stopped making the “casting on” chain when I thought it looked wide enough; but of course I didn’t allow for the greater breadth once the chain was filled with stitches.
    No worries ..


    • It’s a fascinating thing, a t.b. Even if mine isn’t a blanket, but will be some kind of .. of .. some kind of something. :D
      The maths, the maths ! No, wrong: not the maths – the decision as to WHICH temperatures to use – that’s the main (and only) problem. If you go with all the highs, you misrepresent the coldness of winter. Going with all the lows misrepresents the heat of summer. Hence my decision to go with lows for winter, means for spring, highs for summer and means again for autumn. I can tell you that this will produce easily the most varied range of colours.
      And choosing them is FUN.
      Do it, Hannah !!!

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