Almost back: just not quite ..

In the last seemingly æon but actually fortnight or so, I have managed to create chaos for myself online and for WordPress support in wanting them to fix it all.

It’s been a horrible time. My own fault for creating an email aiias.

May I suggest to anyone thing of doing that AND changing to using it for his/her blogsite that he/she walks away from the idea ?

14 thoughts on “Almost back: just not quite ..

  1. Though it might be true I’d only recently started following your blog, I really missed it/you when it disappeared, and it DID feel like an æon. I’m so glad you’re back!


    • I never knew you were an Apple bloke ! Gosh ! – how lucky are you ?! Right now, with all the horrible problems I’m having, I wish I were Apple with you. :(

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  2. I’m glad you’re back M-R. I learnt very early on that there’s something mysterious about blog account names and what is set in concrete and what is mutable, so I have stuck like glue to whispering gums and am glad I’m pretty happy with that name.

    BTW Tell Disorderlyjottings that pretty much all my comments to you, including this one, is made via Safari. Most commenting problems I have tend to be from apps on my devices. I can have them from notifications dropdowns on Safari but that seems to be on certain blogs.


    • I suspect that poor Simon was trying to address me when everything was like Alice in Wonderland – flying around her head.
      It turned out to be Chrome, btw: I switched very reluctantly to Firefox and lo ! – all my techo problems vanished !!

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      • Oh yes, that’s one of the first things Mr Gums says when I have web problems … have you tried another browser? I’m a Safari user, but every now and then I have to use Firefox when sites haven’t been optimised for Safari. Anyhow, glad you’ve solved your problem.

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