Oh yeah ..?

Me, I don’t buy it. It’s just too convenient that tRump and Melania have Covid-19. It gets him out of some dicey forthcoming situations.

Unhappily, it also means he’s back calling the shots. You KNOW he’s going to demand that the election be postponed, and who knows what else ?!

But I’m almost past it all. If the US of A can’t ensure that media coverage is even-handed – and it isn’t – then it’s no wonder tRump can just go on doing whatever he feels like to the Constitution (of course, with Barr’s help).

There’s never going to be another year as frightful as 2020, for which even a halfwit can be grateful.

And yet .. what if tRump and Barr manage to skew the election and he hangs on it there ?

Then 2020 would pale into insignificance.

12 thoughts on “Oh yeah ..?

    • Absolutely ! Love the thought of the crew’s spontaneous celebration; but I fear it’s just some horrible devious bit of bastardy thought up by Barr and Miller ..


  1. Isn’t it scary how it’s the first thought on so many people’s minds? Like, when did we get to this point that this is the first reaction to the president’s announcement…
    Also, maybe it’s because of my job and constant dealing with climate change and the problems it causes, but I think we’re just getting started on the path to many worse years… there’s more than politics to it, and it’s not a fun thought…

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    • I entirely agree re climate change, Kat – nothing but grief ahead .. and all because of greed.
      Of which the subject of the post is the prime exponent, of course.

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    • I refuse to face it, me old china: this time ’round almost everything is known, and there are not enough rusted-on lunatics to outnumber those who think as we do. But what terrifies me is the prospect of civil war, when Barr takes to those weird courts to retain the presidency and the National Guard has to decide who it will support ..


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