And finally ..

This is the kind of thing that drives to drink a fat old person who has been given to understand certain things about carbohydrate content in fruit:

APPLES ? – wot ???!!!

I have been told and also read that blueberries are THE fruit for low-carb intake, and that raspberries THE fruit no. 2. Yet there is a ‘chart’ that says apples are the same as blueberries !!!

I have eaten apples for my entire life: walking anywhere chomping on one used to be second nature to me. But since being told I must stop eating fruit – except for some berries ! – I have eschewed (like it ?) my favourite fruit entirely.

So WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS ???? – I could have been having apple with my morning yoghourt instead of thos ghastly blueberries ?!! – or pears ? – or fresh pineapple ??

But check out the next ‘chart’ and things are even more confusing ..

Oh look !!

It’s BLACK not BLUE that’s No. 1; and all those others there come before the blueberries !! VOT ISS GOINK ON ?!

Obviously ‘expert’ opinions vary, and it depends upon whose word you follow as to what you are going to believe.

Thus am I vindicated – as are those who commented on the previous post ! – in thinking that I might just as well do my own thing. So there! [grin]

22 thoughts on “And finally ..

  1. Absolutely – do your own thing. You’re probably more expert than the experts at knowing what’s right for you anyway. And – did you grow to be a old lady just to be told what you can and can’t do, I certainly didn’t.

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    • Do you know .. in my dozing off before getting out of my chair and going to bed moments, I very often think someone is in the next room nagging me to do just that ?
      Not sure who it is, but it’s some authority figure.
      Drives me nuts. No wonder I’m so goddam stroppy ! :D


  2. My fundamental advice? All things in moderation! Taking into consideration your personal circumstances.

    BTW For the record, my favourite berries are blackberries, and I don’t much like blueberries except that they look pretty in a fruit salad and are supposed to be good for you.

    Oh, and cherry season is coming. Get into them!!

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  3. I’ve found all sorts of conflicting advice, whenever I look up diet-affected conditions. First thing is to check WHOSE advice it is (as I’m sure you know), and then to try to check WHEN it was. Knowledge changes.


    • Oh, what I’ve been trying on is NOO ! – the latest, you might say. But.
      In spite of the fact that I know how hard and for how long you’ve had to work on what you can eat, I’m not as good as you at being self-denying indefinitely. E.g., I’ve dieted approximately 8 or 10 times in my life, and every time I’ve lost lots and lots of weight and been admired. But unable to continue on with the suffering I’ve applied to myself, have returned to eating ‘normally’. Hence the almost instantaneous return of weight, and more, every time. My diet has never included cakes, lollies, pies, takeaway food, snack foods or any of those crappy things; it’s in my genes to be fat. What I’m trying on now is trying to avoid it’s becoming ditto to be diabetic,

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  4. If you are up for more reading/googling, here are the names of two people who I consider my “go to” for nutrition and weight issues. Monica Reinagel is a nutritionist. Yoni Freedhoff is a bariatric surgeon. Both acknowledge that food/eating/diet is highly complex – besides the carbs/calories/fibre and so on in food (and whether or not you can trust labels – you can’t) emotional connections to food plays an important role. Besides comfort eating, there is celebration and tradition (it’s my birthday, it’s Christmas, it’s Friday).

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  5. I’m with them, Maggie. Overweight is a really complex issue; and the fact that my four sisters were normal to the point of skinny must have some relevance .. Thank-you very much !! :)

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  6. Your situation reminds me of that Woody Allen film where he goes to sleep and wakes up 1,000 years into the future to find that we were wrong, that smoking is actually GOOD for us, and cigarette smoking is now strongly recommended by all doctors.

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  7. I could never live without berries for any length of time. Send them all up here to the one with the Scandi genes. A cousin in NZ lost heaps of weight and her Type II diabetes. But she was eating a whole packet of Tim Tams for morning tea.

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  8. not for publication: did you change email address again? The last one i sent you (about two weeks ago) bounced back “address unknown”.


  9. I’ve not seen a single Woody Allen film, Patrick, but I can easily see where you’re coming from. :)
    I remembered this-arvo that there’s another factor to add to the confusing mix: I had my gall-bladder removed back in 1997 by an enthusiastic moron of a surgeon who wanted to keep doing laparoscopic cholycystectomies and there I was in Emergency wailing about terrible gut pain .. For all I know, this organic absence is playing its part in how and why I’m responding to the dietary change !


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