OK: the Grand Move !

Today I went up to ..


to see my new apartment. It’s FABULOUS. I LOVE it. I knew I would, of course; but to have it confirmed so delightfully was a truly uplifting thing.

I hereby give yous something to do: google the suburb.   :)

I’ll help: that’s it, below; so see if you can place it in the map I posted yesterday. (Thinks: was it yesterday ..?) In the map I last posted ..

Thar she blows !

You can see the river from a couple of my windows !

The entire section of Maribyrnong in which my building is situated is chocka with development; it’s a huge residential complex of apartment blocks and scattered shopping, with buses criss-crossing –

My building is between the roundabout and the bus-stop, north side ;
and the bus goes to the biggest shopping centre there is.

But wait ! – I am getting ahead of myself ..

My apartment building, first sight

Which side is my apartment ? – neither the front nor back, but on the left ‘end’ ..

Second-top level, balcony full length of the apartment

Don’t be put off by my description of the area: there are no buildings jammed up against each other, and there are built-to-design-choice houses all over the place amongst them.

This kind of thing ..
Or this !

I even have a friend living there !

She, like everyone else I know, has a car; and lifts from the parking.

But if you want the pièce de résistance, it is this:

First recognize my building from above, then ..
See how far it is from an Aldi !! :D

Oh, I’m SO EXCITED ! And the apartment itself is full of light (that can be kept out by dropping the very classy blinds) and bigger than I’d expected. I like very much being on the end of the corridor, so that there will be no people walking past in the night. Something tells me I am not going to hear one single large, bored dog barking mindlessly – not ONE !

More later.

45 thoughts on “OK: the Grand Move !

  1. Looks to be an absolutely fabulous location, so close to everything, or at least only a short tram ride away (I presume the trams run nearby). What floor are you on Margaret? When’s the big move?

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    • Foist t’ings foist: no-one is allowed to call me ‘Margaret’ ! :)
      I know that ‘Margaret-Rose’ is a mouthful, but that’s why I’m known as M.R.
      DON’T APOLOGIZE Chris ! – everyone is given one chance. But just the one .. [grin]
      Now; yes, the tram is a five-minute walk away, and it also goes to Highpoint.
      Moving next Tuesday: YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYY !


  2. That’s great M-R -Am delighted it’s the place you’ll love and be happy in your dying days :-) Am working big time on my next commercial which will be an 8 day shot (it’s a big one these days) The Director is not as warm as my last job Director but I believe that if I yawn and this new director doesn’t yawn back at me – it means he has asperges !! I’m a bit nervous to yawn (as I think people will think I’m bored ) but I have to try this experiment. wish me luck – yawn (ah yes – you didn’t yawn – means you have it!!) grin /wet my pants laughing/I’ll never work again. When do you move to your next abode? Must away, lots of love Goanna (and no Bobbi as she’s overnighting with Verity for 10 days :-(

    Jo Weeks joannaweeks@icloud.com


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    • In the whlole huge developmental area, I believe there is not a single high-rise that’s the same as any other, Maggie ! Now that may sound ghastly; but honestly, it works. Because there are houses as well, and the various groups of little shops – and ALDI !!! – it’s like a strange kind of enormous village; and I think that’s exactly what was planned. :)

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        • “Aldi
          Supermarket company
          Aldi is the common brand of two German family-owned discount supermarket chains with over 10,000 stores in 20 countries, and an estimated combined turnover of more than €50 billion. The chain was founded by brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht in 1946 when they took over their mother’s store in Essen. Wikipedia
          Customer service: 13 25 34
          Headquarters: Essen, Germany
          Founded: 1946, Essen, Germany
          Subsidiary: Trader Joe’s”

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    • My dear and most admired blogger, so it seems to me. We know I have wandering feet – and they were thus even when Stringer was here – and thanks to my oldest and dearest close personal friend, I’m able to get them moving for what MUST be the last time, don’t you think ? I certainly hope so. I look forward to days of wandering about in a kind of vague but happy regimen of ‘exercise’, trying to get up the courage to bring Boodie down in the lift so that we can walk together (as we do here). I’ve spent the last 3 years having to take public transport to shops: now I will have what I want/need within walking distance.
      I shall be, once again, able to buy fresh ingredients daily. Not as good as you can, you swine !, but good enough. :D Big hug from down here to you up there, Simon ..

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  3. Wait! You arranged to rent this apartment without having seen it in person? That’s brave! It looks great. I love that it has a balcony. We’ve been looking for a one level condo for the past few years. I require a big balcony, so the kids can visit and we can be outdoors. (The last one we looked at had 2 small balconies, but no social distance possible on either.) Someday. Or not. Our house is working fine for now, but it has stairs…

    Happy moving day to you, soon!

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    • Thanks, Michele ! :)
      I went up yesterday and fell madly in love. I agree it would’ve been brave – TOO brave – not to. The lease is now going to be signed.
      Stairs are to be eschewed – agree with that, too. However, unless you have older rellies living with you ?, you don’t have to even consider them for YEARS ! :D


    • Well, Mrs Curtis, he doesn’t know yet. But I think he’s going to be fine.I asked his wonderful vet about such a radical change, and Nev said he will adapt ! :)


  4. Your enthusiasm and delight at this wonderful move makes me so happy for you, M-R. I love what you say about all the light, the quiet at the end, and the amenities of being in what appears to be a lively, vibrant, but not overcrowded environment. I cant wait to follow along and see how you set yourself up. A new chapter and it sounds like it’s tailor-made. :-)

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    • A whole new BOOK, Debra – the final stage, in a totally new setting.
      I was there on Monday, and it was just .. lovely.
      Tuesday next I shall be living there, in a beautiful little apartment on the 7th floor and able to buy fresh every day to cook.
      Oh .. It’s going to be SO DIFFERENT.
      And I shall be my own master again, subject to no-one’s sending some bloke to check the { X }.

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    • I feel that way; but it took weeks and weeks of exhausting chasing up, being rejected and starting over. To be honest, there were several instances where I changed my mind and withdrew; but that’s my prerogative, right ? :D


  5. This is fabulous, M-R. Sorry I haven’t kept up with you for awhile. I seem to be forgetting about my most beloved blogging friends, so I apologize!

    I may be a bit envious of your apartment, the view and the balcony. Looks like a perfect location for you and I hope you can settle in and never have to think of moving again. Cheers to a new beginning!

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    • Oh me too, M-J ! – a beautiful little place where Boodie and I can enjoy our company and have less to clean ! [grin]
      I’m looking forward to creating a balcony garden – flowers are my thing, not edibles. I want birds to find me up there ..
      Packing today – noy by me but by the removalist.
      I start panicking about Boodie from then .. :\


      • Boodie will be okay. He’ll find a place where he feels safe until ready to explore. When I moved a scaredy cat years ago, I put him in the dark corner of a closet, in his carrier, with both doors open and let him explore when he was ready.

        Love the patio and can’t wait to see what you do with it. Glad you have the movers packing, but take your time unpacking the non essentials. Underwear and toothbrush first! 😁

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        • Yeah, I think he will, M-J. But I like your confidence. :D
          Today I make up my own Moving box with all the vitals in it – me pills and stuff. Toothbrush definitely ! :)

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  6. Hope you’ve now finished with all that and you’re now snug as a bug.

    I tried your new/old email today and my messages are still bouncing back to me. (Technology is the bane of my existence!)

    Here’s my last (rejected) email to you, sent today:

    It’s two journos (one from Vanity Fair, the other from Rolling Stone) discussing the possible post election fate of the Trumps:


    I think you might find it interesting.


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