So THAT’s over ..

I have decided that the basic difference between Democrats and Republicans is their smiles:

The best of all
Close behind
Nothing but dentures

Getting rid only of Trump and having still to cope with the DISGUSTING McConnell at the head of the Senate would be truly terrible; but at least it does mean that all the arseholes like the Trump children – known on Twitter as ‘the devil’s spawn’ (oh, how I love it !) – plus Barr, plus all the grifters like Betsy De Vos, etc., will be gone. There is some good to be found,

What am I saying ?! – there will no longer be the orange baboon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25 thoughts on “So THAT’s over ..

    • It was a gorgeous kind of horrible thing, I reckon, Goanna – as someone wrote on Twitter: “this is the way the world ends – not with a bang but a bogey”. Love it – T.S. Eliot would’ve loved it, too. :D
      Packing today: moving tomorrow !!!


    • I HOPE a division of this kind need never happen again, Chris.
      But when you think that MORE people voted for the arsehole this time than happened last time – well, what can one think ?!


  1. We are hoping that your city will now settle down and not keep featuring, Michele ..
    Listen, darlin – I’m moving tomorrow, and am unsure how I’ll be placed for the lesson. I’ll bust a gut to try to be there; but I might be up to my ears in cartons and going quietly mad.
    Orate fratres ..


  2. My Californian friend and family are so relieved. I was in touch regularly over the few days and in the first 24 hour she said they were having trouble holding it together. She was even waking every couple of hours at night checking her phone for updates. Colbert, Meyers and co have been great. Loved Colbert’s comment about being able to get that man out of his head and being able to put something else in it.

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  3. I’m so impressed with how you keep up with American politics, M-R. You do better than many (way too many) Americans, who don’t even understand the significance of positions, like Senate Majority Leader. McConnell is a disgrace, but the whole Republican soup is currently poisoned. I’ve tried to back off a little this week rather than follow as closely as I have been, simply because it is painful to watch such disgraceful behavior. And his loyal sycophants? You just cannot legislate against stupid!! I wish we could. :-)

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    • It’s because I was totally MAD about Obama, Debra; and when he was replaced by this .. this .. person, I became totally embroiled in following the person’s appalling progress so as to be on hand when it was brought to a halt. I, like the wonderful Keith Olbermann, thought it would end much sooner .. I do hope Olbermann is a happier man now.


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