You’re moving in today

(with apologies to Carol Bayer Sager !)

This was on moving day; and you can see that Boodie was absolutely terrified. Not. No hiding in the bathroom for him ! – once he got used to the bringings of furniture et al, he paid it no attention and simply gazed, transfixed, at his new view.

I didn’t let him out that day;  but the following day he was out there, peering down through the transparent balcony walls in absolute fascination. And he’s out there every day: sometimes sitting on top of the external part of the split system. It gave me a fright the first time I saw him up there – especially when he stepped elegantly onto the railing ..

But hey, he’s a CAT ! – they’re not stupid !   :D

33 thoughts on “You’re moving in today

  1. You are very kind, Sue ! – and also correct: he hasn’t replaced Lui, but is a super good successor. :)
    The header photo was what I saw from my kitchen window on Saturday morning, btw ..


    • Never mind flying by, Michele – how about a large currawong sitting on the railing and eyeing him with its head on one side ? :D He didn’t go further than the doorway ..
      Calvin is just as wise as are all moggies, I promise you ! I thought I’d be the same about Boodie; but he’s so obviously unfussed that he relaxed me right away.


  2. C’est splendide! You lucky thing, you!

    (I’m old enough to remember that song and even some of the items it lists (e.g., “Your portrait of the Queen”) How pathetic is that?

    Hope you enjoy your lovely castle in the air for many years to come. xx

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  3. How pathetic it is:

    1. That I should remember details of that song.

    2. That the boyfriend of the song’s narrator owns a portrait of the Queen.

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  4. I don’t think our Mr Tilly would like an apartment – no butterflies to chase! Sometimes I fancy the freedom of an apartment though. A house and garden is a big commitment. Luckily for me, it’s a labour of love.

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  5. Awesome to see that you have settled in. Moving in exhausting – at least I found out and you have done it several more times than me. Looks like a great view and you would get a nice breeze from up there?

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    • I’m not sure that “breeze” is the right term, Amanda .. [grin]
      What I mean is that when there is wind for the rest of the world there is something more up here. But I don’t mind it; and it’s going to be brilliant for drying my washing when I have my fold-down clothesline installed on the balcony ! :)

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