Ah, the glory ..!

I had a handyman visit me to see what needs doing, last Saturday; and he spent a fair while gazing out my kitchen windows. When I explained that I pay a rental of $285 a week because this is an NRAS property, he thought about that for a bit, and then sighed “I’d willingly pay $400 just for that view !”.

It is pretty wonderful. The Saturday before that one you can see (above) the hot air balloons being picturesque; and just now, when it’s been raining and windy on and off all day, there was this:

with a second frame of it being this:

which you may find interesting as well as lovely, in terms of the tops of the houses down at ground level.

This whole enormous “development” is really amazing: I doubt that there’s one single building – whether apartment block or private house – exactly the same as any other. And it works !

Have I told you ? – I LOVE living here ..

35 thoughts on “Ah, the glory ..!

    • It’s so .. so INTERESTING, Patrick ! – people walking unhurriedly about on all the paths; others walking their dogs and scooping up after ’em; some on bicycles; no-one is rude or pushy and it’s a bit like a huge village.
      Boodie never tires of gazing through the balcony; and on that size his view is limited by the apartment building going up across Skyline Drive. He doesn’t care:he watches the delivery guys on their scooters and the cars driving past; and he’s forgotten all about how he used to have the whole of MACS to run around in and catch tiny animals and torture them to death. DEO GRATIAS !

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    • Where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain, eh ?
      Yes, open skies are something very special. I remember bitterly complaining that buildings going up near me would “take away my sky” – but I don’t remember where that was ..!


  1. I’m so glad you moved to a place that you love, rather than staying in a place you endured. I love a good view!

    Currently being reminded every day that I’m not in Hawaii, thanks to Facebook memories. Maybe next year…

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    • That’s very well put, Michele ! – “a place I endured”. Thank-you: you have put it in a nutshell.
      Some more photos from Hawaii will be very welcome – by me as well as by you !! I have a friend who lives in Brisbane (now) and who’s a great walker – which she travels the world to do – and I love the photos she sends. It’s my vicarious travelling life. :)


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