Through the “looking”-glass

Just to let you see how frightened Boodie is of heights.

I used to stand next to the Daikin looking down the side of the building towards the Maribyrnong River. I don’t do this any more; as y-k-w took to rushing out of the loungeroom door and taking a flying leap to land beside me.

AAaaargh !

No good telling me how sure-footed cats are: the leaping was too much for the blood pressure (normally faultless), so I move away before he sees me there, now.

Boodie being the f.g. of a WS ..

Here he’s a MS, with the WS as background ..


And this is probably a FS of cat on high ..

15 thoughts on “Through the “looking”-glass

  1. You should rig a parachute onto him😱 Must have given you such a fright. Does he just sit there – what if a bird flew past close to him?
    Wouldn’t he try and catch it 🙄🥺

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  2. Darlin Goanna, I can only say that Nev, his vet in Geelong who fixed all the things that were wrong with him, told me that cats are in complete control of their environment.
    It would be a BIG bird that went by him close – or was about to .. and he would be down off the Daikin in no time. The currawongs are pretty feisty, ’round here. [grin]


  3. These are beautiful pics M-R. I’m not a cat person – mainly because Mr Gums and I are allergic – but I can appreciate a fetching animal when I see one, and he is fetching. So glad he’s settled in so well.

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  4. My blood pressure rose just looking at the photos! But he’s obviously so happy! And I am not particularly afraid of heights, and would LOVE your balcony! Your view is so delightful, M-R.

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    • I cannot see that I shall ever tire of it, Debra – it has a perpetual fascination. For Boodie, too: last night was a real hottie, and I came out to get some outside air – and there he was, in the dark, sitting on the Daikin and just .. looking. :)


  5. Boodie is quite the handsome creature. He looks like the master of all he sees.

    Younger son lives on the 6th floor of his building, and his cat sits out on the deck with him. But he doesn’t quite trust her enough to leave her out there alone. I agree; one never knows when something too exciting might come along!

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    • Oh ye of little faith ! :D
      Cats are REALLY intelligent. There’s a crocheter called Sirin whose YouTube videos have a glorious intro for many items, in which her 2 cats tell her unmistakeably that she is to STOP with this nonsense and pay attention to THEM !
      I know that Calvin and Bisquée must do this to you ..


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