A somewhat different xmas day

As is generally known, what remains of my family is scattered here and there, with only a nephew actually on this mainland (over in WA). This xmas was to be my first in blissful peace and quiet, on me tod, because I’ve moved from where charitable people always invited me to eat with them. I planned to spend it with YARN, frogging two pieces of crochet and using my wonderful Stanwood yarn-winder to end up with neat cakes ..

I briefly considered removing all the STUFF that’s sitting on a table in the bedroom – all the yarn, the baskets, the needles, the hooks, the scissors, the patterns, the— oh, you get the idea. This table is my ‘craft’ supply place, for want of something sensible: I bought it because of its thin top – the yarn-winder affixes easily to it.

Being a lazy slob, I decided against removing all the stuff onto the floor and manoeuvring the table out into the living-room, having spotted that one of the little coffee-tables that Chic made would suit my porpoise. I brought it over to My Chair, a big recliner, attached the Stanwood and got started.

I spent a happy hour and a quarter(-ish) leaning over this, first frogging to one side one colour of the mosaic crochet I’d done and winding it then frogging to the other side the second colour, hoping that the growing pile of that wouldn’t tangle – and happily it did so only a bit. Then on to the other piece of crochet that was much smaller and had at least half of each of the two purchased balls still in original wind: the Stanwood wasn’t madly keen on this, and it took me a fair while to get it done.

And then there were four neat cakes and I was happy. I’m good with frogging and starting over – far too good: I do it all the time.    :\

I sat back.

Well, that’s not true: I went to sit back ..

Boodie leaped like a dog shot at: my yell of astonished pain would’ve wakened the dead.

I had absolutely FUCKED my lower back, location of problems at the best of times and now location of such pain as not previously experienced. I couldn’t move.

I managed eventually to get to my feet with the aid of my little wheeled set of drawers on my right and the column of the standing lamp that sits next to My Chair on the left; and the only way to reach the Panadeine Forte that’s scripted for me by my succession of GPs to let me sleep more or less through the night was to find something to hang on to for every step. Dunno how long it took me to traverse the short distance into the kitchen to get them, but it was quite a while. And there was an awful lot of yelling in pain and more of swearing ..

That was Friday morning. Since then life has been .. ahh .. limited. I suppose ‘restricted’ is a better word.

And here we are on Monday morning, last public holiday for almost a week. Yes, the pain is reduced. No, it hasn’t gone away. Yes, I need more Panadeine Forte. Yes, I’ve taken steps to get it. No, I’m not sure how effective they’ll be, as I have a new GP (I mean, the second one since coming to Maribyrnong) and have seen her just the once. But as I took a shine to her at once, I am hopeful.

I am also smelly, as I’m not prepared to take the risk of showering: standing is by far the worst aspect of whatever damage I did by that lengthy bending forward (almost doubled over, really). So as there’s no-one here to be offended by my state of filth, I remain unwashed until I have more Panadeine Forte in my hands and can swallow several of ’em.

There are good and bad things about living on yer own ..



31 thoughts on “A somewhat different xmas day

  1. Oh my god! I really hope you feel better soon. A perfectly wonderful quiet and peaceful yarn day ending in agony. (Shakes head sadly) Not fair at all!
    Not to try to top your story of unimaginable pain, but I feel like I wanted to tell you: Remember the gorgeous kitten from my picture of my latest Sophie’s Universe? Little tiger striped cutie named Dave? Died from the anesthesia while getting neutered. (Sob!) I know you love cats and crochet like I do so I feel that you can commiserate with me. Please do feel better soon Margaret!


  2. I do: he was beautiful. What fucking vet did that ????! Malpractice: no little mog should die under anaesthetic !!! I am filled with rage and sorrow, Becca. How was it explained to you ?
    There is only one ‘good’ aspect of this; and it’s that you hadn’t had him long enough to become deeply and irreparably attached. I know you loved him, don’t get me wrong; but you hadn’t had time to become one with him. Next time you will; for there must be a next time.
    You have my grief for you ..


  3. This is my fear when I get old. A great grandma died from a broken hip in the same manner. No help to be had. But we have aids now – like phones, emergency buttons and home deliveries.
    Do you have an emergency call button? If not get one, if so, wear it around your neck.

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    • I can undestand that, Amanda – the fear of being old and alone. But I’m very lucky, because I don’t fear it at all. As you say, we have systems in place, now .. And this has taught me that I must re-sign up for the company I was with until I came here – somehow between us we have to work out where to position the key-cage that provides ambulance people with a key to my apartment .. It’s not easy, in a big apartment building.
      Frankly, I will do it for my little cat, whom I love beyond anything. I honestly wouldn’t care if I karked here, and have been this way since losing my husband 15 years back. But the thought of Boodie slowly starving ..!
      So yes, your words are not seed sown upon infertile ground. :D


  4. That sounds awful M.R. The days are bad enough when you are in Pain, but the nights are seemingly endless. I remember putting my lower back out quite badly once, and all I was doing was picking up a telephone book. Fortunately my Doctor was a usual 5 minute walk away, but at least half an hour that day. I couldn’t sit at all, stand, or lie down only. He gave really strong anti inflammotory pessaries. As they were’t going through the stomach they could be extra strength. He offered them to me, telling me how they had to be administered, but I suspect expecting me to opt for the normal oral ones. I grabbed them with both hands, and gee did they work a treat. At least I had someone to wait on me in the evenings though. One of those times when I suspect I’d be wishing for a house mate if I was living alone. I feel for you, and hope you get perfect relief soon.

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  5. Pessaries, eh ? – sounds logical to ME ! :) Thanks muchly, Chris – I’ll ask my new quack about ’em.
    No, I will never wish for a housemate. I do have one friend who lives in Brisbane and comes down every so often with whom I can co-exist for about 4 days – but thereafter start fretting for my solitude. Living with Chic for 31 years has ruined me: no-one else could POSSBLY be lived with on any kind of permanent basis. I am a very intolerant old fart ! [grin]
    Thank-you for your good wishes – they are appreciated !
    P.S. How’s life in The Palace ? ;)


  6. Oh bloody, bloody hell. As the owner of a buggered lower back (ice-skating with a Christopher Dean wannabe then later tripping on stairs wearing my bloke’s dressing gown), I think I have some idea what you’re going through. Hope the doc comes through with the goods soon.

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    • Everything’s open like a normal day tomorrow, Su; and the two emails I’ve sent the new quack will definitely achieve – something. Just remains to ascertain what ! :D


  7. OUCH! I am so sorry. 2020 is getting its last licks in.

    I was having a lovely piece of pumpkin pie 2 days before Christmas, when there was suddenly something hard in it. It was…a big chunk of one of my molars. Crapdoodles! My dentist is out of office until January 4, but it doesn’t hurt and he tells me it just requires a crown. I’m going to bring my tiara, just in case one is not enough.

    2020. blergh.

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    • You are a witty thing, Clever One ! [grin]
      Unfortunately, of course, the downside to “just a crown'” is the (ugh !) ensuing invoice.
      But we all do this: look after our teeth as best we can until, down here at least, we can boast of still having them – but that they’re faintly yellow. We Aussies don’t go in quite as much for whitening as you guys do: our dentists, by and large, scare us off !
      I do hope you finished the pumpkin pie, Michele ! – my mother used to make a brilliant one, which, when the American Naval Officers based in Perth at the end of the War with whom my parents had made friends, ate with gusto (and often a slice of cheddar on top).
      Let us agree to have A Much Better 2021, shall we ?


  8. Well, I was happy to hear you were spending your day with yarn and crochet but then OUCH! I’m so sorry to hear about your back. I hope by now you’re feeling some relief and have entered 2021 in a more comfortable position. Lisa

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  9. A week since, and I’m a whole lot better. Still need two sticks to walk up the hill but. Cannot deny being an old lady when struggling with two bloody sticks ! [grumble grumble]


  10. It must be frightening when you have such a crisis and no one near to call! I’m so sorry this “event” spoiled what had started as what sounded like a peaceful day. I hope that you are stronger by now, and no longer in pain? Backs are tricky things! One moment okay, and the next, you never seem to know. :-(

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    • It certainly made me re-think having surrendered my Mepacs alarm, Debra ! I’ve re-applied for my Stage 2 HomeCare plan, which means there’ll be at least someone I can call ..
      Thank-you for your caring comment !!


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